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Canelo Alvarez: I have to accept loss to Bivol like a man, will only make me stronger

Canelo Alvarez addresses his supporters after his unanimous decision loss to Dmitry Bivol.

Canelo reacts to his decision loss to Bivol.

In the fallout of Canelo Alvarez’s upset loss to Dmitry Bivol, Canelo made an appearance in front of his fans to tell assure them that he’s physically okay and will show even more resolve going forward in his career.

“I want to tell you all that I’m not hurt at all,” Canelo said addressing the crowd of supporters. “But my heart hurts, hurts a lot. I want to tell you, in this life those who don’t take risks and challenges never do anything. He who is scared becomes no one in life.

“Today, I lost, but I have to accept it like a man. You have to have balls to accept it. But I want to tell you that this will make me much stronger, and wait to see what comes next.”

Canelo had previously said he felt Bivol won “four or five rounds maximum” at the post-fight press conference. He may still feel that way, but it appears he won’t fixate on it as a conspiracy or anything.

There’s been much debate as to whether Canelo will, or even should, take on a contracted rematch with Bivol considering how this fight played out, but Canelo is a proud champion and has shown time and again he’s not afraid to challenge himself.

While Bivol is clearly a tough mountain for him to climb, whether or not Canelo can turn away from that remains to be seen.

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