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Fulton vs Roman: Daniel Roman looking to seize opportunity to become unified champion once again

Roman challenges Stephen Fulton Jr for his unified 122 lb titles on June 4.

Roman knows this chance to become unified champion once more is likely one he won’t get again.
Roman knows this chance to become unified champion once more is likely one he won’t get again.
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Daniel Roman tells the world that he’s really excited for this chance to become a unified champion for a second time in his June 4th fight against Stephen Fulton. Roman says he’s been putting the work in and come fight night he’s got to be ready to perform .

“It’s been a great training camp. We’ve been getting ready for the best in the unified champion Stephen Fulton,” Roman said. “It’s a fight you have to see. We’re going to have the same energy that I’ve had on social media. You can consider him the best in the division right now. He’s the champion I want right now.

“We know that Stephen Fulton can make the right adjustments. It’s going to depend on the fight he brings and the fight I bring. Whoever makes the best adjustments is going to win the fight. You could say it will be like a chess match. I can do a little bit of everything and he can do a little bit of everything as well. It depends who makes the right adjustments that night.

“This is a fight where I can earn a lot of respect. That’s what every fighter wants. Even when I became a unified champion, they still had me below the other champions. I think that goes for Fulton as well. Everybody is trying to prove themselves as the best in the division. This is the fight. I’m fighting against who is considered the best in the division and I get a chance to be back on top.”

Roman also addressed a point in time when the tables were turned and he was the champ, having Fulton calling him out only to be brushed off. Fulton could’ve taken another fight here, so Roman appreciates Fulton for not letting petty business get in the way of a good fight.

“It’s true that when I was the champion, Fulton was calling me out and I didn’t give him the chance,” Roman said. “He called me out and I had different plans. I wanted to unify the belts and be undisputed. I’m thankful that he’s given me the chance to fight him now that he’s champion”

As for his expectations for the bout, Roman says a Fight of the Year contender isn’t out of the cards, promising to put his heart on display for the world to see.

“Fans should expect a great fight and even a Fight of the Year. We always go out there and fight our heart out. We’ll give the best that we can for the people and I know Fulton is going to do the same. He’s the unified champion defending his belts. I want those belts, so it will be a great night.

“My fight against Murodjon Akhmadaliev was a close fight and I still believe I won. Then I didn’t get the rematch, so now two-and-a-half years later, I’m getting another chance to get back on top so I’m more than thankful for that.”

Roman also related Fulton’s last performance against Brandon Figueroa to his own experience, saying he’s been in both positions and will be ready for what comes once the bell rings.

“Fulton fought a good fight against Brandon Figueroa,” Roman said. “He was smart and made good adjustments during the fight. It was a close one but he took it, so respect to him.

“We’ve been in situations like this before. Important fights. Now, I’m the challenger. I’m challenging Fulton for the two titles so mentally, I’m ready. I’ve been through this road already and I know what it takes. I’ve trained hard like I always do. Mentally and physically, I feel prepared.”

And with it being unlikely that Roman ever again gets a chance to grab multiple world titles, he says he feels the sense of urgency to come up big in this fight.

“This is my chance. It doesn’t come twice, especially against a unified champion,” Roman added. “I’m one step away from becoming a unified champion again. This is for everything. Either you do this, or you don’t. I’m more than excited and I feel more than ready. I hope Fulton feels the same way. Let’s give the people what they want to see. They want to see a great fight, so let’s give it to them.”

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