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Charlo vs Castano 2: Jermell Charlo going for the knockout in rematch with Brian Castano

Jermell Charlo breaks down his thoughts on his upcoming undisputed title rematch with Brian Castano.

Jermell Charlo doesn’t intend on leaving Brian Castano rematch in the hands of the judges.

During this video interview with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV, Jermell Charlo talks about this weekend’s rematch with Brian Castano and why he’s not looking to let the fight go to the cards this time around.

On what changes he wants to make after reviewing his first fight with Castano

“I feel like I’m gonna make some improvements just like he’s gonna make some improvements. I’m excited to be in there again, ready to do it again, ready to go, and I just know I want to get the fuckin’ knockout. I want to knock this motherfucker out ‘cause I’m 154 lb champion and I’ve been 154 lb champion, and I’ve been knocking motherfuckers out. Now I’m going back to that.”

On being hindered by lower back issues in their first fight

“Sometimes my lower back get crazy on me, but I was having back spasms and all kinds of stuff. But I don’t make any excuses for nothing, so that’s why I don’t speak on anything. That’s why we’re going into this fight, I’m feeling food, I’m feeling healthy, I’m feeling ready to go, and I’m feeling really good right now. I feel like I’ve done things that I didn’t do last camp, that I’m producing for my body to be the best Jermell Charlo against Brian Castano on May 14. May the best man win, but I’m going for the kill.”

On if he overtrained for the first fight

“Little bit of that, little bit of all of that. Everything just added up, wasn’t the best night for me. I didn’t have my best night, I got a draw — I’m not worried about losing a 0 because I’ve already been down that road before, so right now it’s just stepping up into the ring to be the Jermell Charlo that I know I should be, and posses a different type of talent, be very talented, be very athletic and smart. With that alone he can’t fuck with me.”

On if he expects Castano to come even more aggressive in this fight

“I don’t know what they hyped him up on. I don’t know what they telling him, everybody boosting him — nah bruh, you fuckin’ up. That’s like fuckin’ him up. Like mentally he don’t understand so while they boosting him up, I’m boosting me up. I’m much stronger now, I’m already fast...Brian Castano, you better fuckin’ be ready. Keep your motherfuckin’ hands up because I’m coming and throwing that shit. You want to throw fast and throw a lot? I’m gonna throw fast and throw a lot, too, see if you can hang with that.”

Bad Left Hook will have live, round by round coverage for Charlo vs Castano 2 starting at 9 pm ET on Saturday, May 14.

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