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Oscar De La Hoya says Al Haymon the biggest obstacle in making Ryan Garcia vs Isaaz Cruz

The WBC may have ordered the fight, but whether it happens is an entirely different question.

De La Hoya says he’s completely on board for the lightweight fight.

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya spoke to the media about the WBC’s recent order for lightweights Ryan Garcia and Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz to face off in a final eliminator, and De La Hoya reassures the public that he’s on board with the fight. De La Hoya does, however, have some reservations as to whether Al Haymon, who advises Cruz, will be inclined to facilitate the fight actually happening.

On the WBC ordering Garcia vs Cruz

“We’re actually pretty ecstatic the WBC ordered Ryan vs Pitbull so now we get to work. I think hopefully this (order) can push the fight to becoming a reality. Look, our side wants it, and I’m sure Pitbull, he wants it, but it’s their side. I mean, I don’t think it’s Pacquiao’s side, who I believe is the promoter of Pitbull. I don’t think it’s Sean Gibbons, I think he wants the fight. The problem here is Al Haymon.

“We want it, there’s no doubt about it. We want it 100%. If the fight is now ordered by the WBC it should be easier to make. If it’s gonna become a purse bid, let’s go. Let’s go to purse bid, why not? Let’s make it happen. There’s nobody that can hide now. If we take it to purse bid nobody can hide. Let’s make the fight happen.”

On how he feels Ryan matches up with Cruz

“I think it’s a great fight. I think styles make fights, I think it’s an exciting fight. I like Pitbull, I really do. I like his character, I like the way he fights. He’s a humble kid who is working hard and living the American dream. Obviously Ryan Garcia, he’s my guy, I’m with him 100% and so I just see Ryan is getting better.

“Ryan’s getting better, he’s getting confident. He went through what he went — which is a blessing I think because now he’s focused, now determined to get to the top. I think this fight will Pitbull, yeah, he wins.”

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