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Hasim Rahman: “No doubt” Floyd Mayweather wants Rolando Romero to beat Gervonta Davis

Rahman says Floyd is hedging his bets with this matchup to come out on top either way it goes.

Rahman weighs in on the upcoming lightweight fight.

In a video interview with Fight Hype, Hasim Rahman shares his take on the upcoming lightweight battle between Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Rolando “Rolly” Romero, set for May 28 on Showtime pay-per-view.

In particular Rahman shares his belief that Tank’s promoter, Floyd Mayweather, is hoping to see Rolly pull off this win over Tank, and has been hedging his bets with this matchup.

On the Davis vs Romero fight

“I think Tank might actually have the edge in power and speed and boxing IQ. So I think this is a last-ditch effort from Floyd to try to see if he can get Tank knocked off by one of his own. Because if he gets him knocked off by somebody else it’s not gonna really mean nothing to him, so he waited until the last fight — he’s free-rolling, actually, like, ‘What we got to lose? Nobody expects him to win.’

“Rolly is strong enough and anybody got a puncher’s chance, but that’s all he has.”

On whether Mayweather wouldn’t have put Tank in a tougher fight on paper if he just wanted him to lose

“What would he get out of it?! What would he get out of getting beat by Eddie Hearn’s fighter, or Bob Arum’s fighter? The genius in Floyd is he gets him in there when you got a guy with a puncher’s chance — if he wins, right, now Floyd’s got the guy. And if he don’t win he’s still got a relationship with Tank; ‘No, Tank’s my guy, Tank’s this, that.’ But believe me, he wants Rolly to win. No doubt about it.”

On what chance he gives Rolly to beat Tank

“I give him slim and none, and slim is on vacation.”

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