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WBC will give Tyson Fury time to consider future, possible tournament to fill vacant title

If Tyson Fury indeed follows through with his retirement plans, several fighters could duke it out for a shot at the green belt.

Tyson Fury will get ample time from the WBC to decide his future
Tyson Fury will get ample time from the WBC to decide his future
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman isn’t jumping the gun to make plans for how the heavyweight title will proceed after Tyson Fury announced his intent to retire.

In fact, Sulaiman tells Sky Sports that he’s recently spoken to Fury and will give him sufficient time to ponder whether or not he’ll follow through with those retirement plans before deciding who will become the next WBC heavyweight titleholder.

“We have one year to have the next mandatory fight. At this moment, we will wait for the decision of Tyson Fury, and then we will either do a series of fights — a boxing tournament — going into a final elimination, but at this time we’re going to wait because we don’t know the specific circumstances.”

Sulaiman would continue by mentioning a couple of top ranked contenders within the WBC, No. 2 Joe Joyce and No. 3 Joseph Parker, but was non-committal as to whether or not that would be the clear and obvious play.:

“I believe that Joyce and Parker are fighting for the WBO interim championship, but I have not confirmed that. All of the variables may change.”

With all that being said, don’t expect much movement on the good ol’ green belt anytime soon, as Sulaiman will likely give Fury every opportunity to change his mind and and step between the ropes again.

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