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Davis vs Romero: Luis Arias expects Rolando Romero to give Gervonta Davis stern test

Luis Arias believes Rolando Romero’s size and strength will make him tough for Gervonta Davis.

Arias gives his perspective on the upcoming lightweight PPV.

Ahead of next weekend’s lightweight PPV main event between Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero, middleweight fighter Luis Arias — who’s also fighting on the card — explains why he thinks this will be a tougher fight for Tank than most are anticipating. Check out how he views the matchup.

“I think it’s gonna be a real good fight, man. I think a lot of people are gonna underestimate Rolly’s physicality and his strength,” Arias said. “I think this is a fight where Tank is not gonna be the stronger — I mean he’s usually is the smaller guy but he’s usually always the stronger guy. And Rolly with his (judo) background, he’s like a real rough guy. This is where we’re gonna see how high of skill Tank is gonna be.

“They’re sleeping (on this fight) because Rolly’s not so much known, but Rolly’s a big strong guy, he’s gonna test Tank in ways that he really hasn’t been tested, really just because of the physicality part.”

On what he remembers of Romero from his days at the Mayweather gym

“He didn’t really care (about who fought). That’s the thing, Rolly really a fighter. He don’t care, like ‘come on, let’s spar, let’s fight,’ whatever. He’s really down to throw down. Even when he fights you can see like he’s trying to throw hard and he trying to throw down so I think that aspect of this fight is gonna be real interesting because he’s gonna come out the gate trying to let Tank know — in order for him to go win this fight he gotta show and show Tank I’m not scared of him.

“We’ve seen what Tank can really do, but we gotta see what he gonna be able to do with someone who’s just crazy and don’t really care. So I’m looking forward to it, it’s gonna be a great fight and I’m gonna be right there.

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