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George Kambosos Jr: I was a V8 against Teofimo Lopez, I’m a V10 for Devin Haney

George Kambosos Jr believes he’s even better now than he was when he shocked the world last year.

Kambosos says he’s left no stone unturned in his preparations for Haney.

During a video interview with Fight Hub TV, unified lightweight champion George Kambosos Jr talks about his quickly approaching undisputed unification match with Devin Haney, set to take place on on June 4 (U.S. time) from Melbourne, Australia.

On how he’s feeling with his big fight in Australia closing in

“I’m just so focused and zoned-in,” Kambosos said. “I had a helluva session this morning, great game planning, and just firing — firing on every cylinder. I ain’t a V8 cylinder like I was for Lopez, you know, I’m a V10. So I can’t wait, bring it on. I wish it was today.

“We’ve got some good guys already here (for sparring) that we’re working with and we’ve got a couple other good guys that are coming so the best of the best. There is no shortcut in what I do with my preparation. I pay the money, I bring the best guys in, and I invest in myself. Look, I’ve built this beautiful gym, I’ve invested in myself to make sure that this reign is forever, for a long as I want it to be.”

On why he was so willing to face Haney as an opponent

“I really could’ve fought anybody, Haney’s not my mandatory. When he talks that ‘I was forced into this,’ how was I forced into this, you’re not my mandatory. Could’ve said, ‘No, I’m fighting Joe Blow from next door that works at the warehouse here’ if I wanted to and sold it out. So you were chosen. Just be here, and I want to fight the best. I want to continue beating the best. That’s what excites me, that’s what motivates me, that’s what gets me out of bed — fighting the best and beating the best.

“So I want Devin Haney to be his best. I don’t want excuses, I hate excuses. I’ve heard enough excuses from one of the other supposed ‘Four Kings,’ other excuses from guys that I’ve beat so just come here, do your best, and I’ll do the rest.

On what fans can expect to see

“They’re gonna see ‘Ferocious’ again, ‘The Emperor.’ They’re gonna see what I bring to the table again. A lot of people think, ‘OK, let’s see how he returns now as champion’ — well I’ve gotten better, 100 times better, so they’re gonna be shocked by, ‘He got better, he didn’t rest on his laurels, he didn’t stay content with what he’s achieved.’ So while the world will be watching they will see this beautiful stadium and this beautiful statement that I’m here to make.”

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