Cuban Boxers Victorious in Professional Boxing Debuts

I thought that some readers of the site might be interested in knowing how this event went so I'm publishing the results below.

Arlen López KO1 Fernando Galván (light heavyweight)

Rionel Iglesias KO2 Brandón Pérez (super welterweight)

Feliciano Hernández KO4 Juan Carlos Raygoza (super middleweight)

Osvel Caballero KO4 Jhosman Reyes (super featherweight)

Lázaro Álvarez UD6 Francisco Mercado (super lightweight)

Julio César la Cruz KO2 Devis Casseres (cruiserweight)

All fights were scheduled for six rounds.

Additionally, Jose Uzcategui (32-4, 27KOs) made his return by beating Felipe Romero (21-20-1, 15KOs) in two rounds.

Overall, a successful start to the pro ranks for these men. The event marks the first time a group of Cuban boxers were allowed to turn pro after the Cuban government banned pro boxing, a ban that had lasted 60 years. In the past, Cuban boxers that had turned pro had defected from Cuba before going on to have a professional career in boxing. Richar Abril was a notable exception in that he turned pro without defecting. Abril won a lottery system that allowed him to come and go to Cuba as he pleased. It will be interesting to see if the fighters who fought on this show will be allowed to continue to box in the pro ranks. If so, I believe boxing fans are in for a treat.

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