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Davis vs Romero: Showtime previews lightweight fight with All Access - Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero

Gervonta Davis puts his secondary WBA title on the line against Rolando Romero on Saturday night.

Davis and Romero collide this weekend on Showtime PPV.

It’s fight week for lightweight rivals Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero. This Saturday both of these fighters are set to duke it out in New York on Showtime PPV, with Gervonta Davis’ “regular” world title on the line. And in anticipation for a big event, Showtime has released it’s first full episode of All Access: Davis vs Romero, highlighting behind the scenes footage in the lead up to the event.

This first installment has pulled three quarters of a million views in just one day since being released, so clearly there’s at least some interest in the fight — or at least the trash talking which comes at a much cheaper price point.

ANYWAY, this opening episode kicks off immediately following the latest press conference, with Gervonta Davis mentioning that Romero doesn’t have the height advantage he anticipated after seeing him face to face.

“I’m the type of person that wants to bully the bully,” Davis said. “I’m just somebody that want to prove to the next person that you not who say you are. Rolly is somebody who definitely talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

“Like real killers don’t really talk, they put work in...I’m coming with everything and I want to stop him. I want to knock him out. As soon as I hit him to the canvas I want to look directly in his eyes like ‘I told you.’ Probably say some more words but I want to see him on the ground.”

Soon after we get a look at Romero and his assessment of his foe. Romero says he’s taken greater confidence at the success Isaac Cruz had against Davis.

“Honestly, I thought Tank was gonna walk all over Cruz. ‘Pitbull’ Cruz really beat the fuck out of him, he made Tank scared out of his mind,” Romero said. “Now can you imagine if I was in there, a dude that punches way harder than both of them put together, bigger than both of them, stronger than both of them, more aggressive than both of them? He’s not that tough. People think he’s tough but he’s just a weight bully.”

Check out the episode in full at the video link above!

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