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Davis vs Romero: Gervonta Davis reaffirms his plans to leave Mayweather Promotions after Rolando Romero fight

Davis says it’s time for him to take control of his own career from this point onward.

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Davis becomes a free agent after this fight.

Gervonta Davis is set to defend his WBA title this weekend when he takes on Rolando Romero on Showtime PPV, and after many rumblings on the potential for Davis to leave Mayweather Promotions — mostly stemming from Davis himself — Davis tells Brian Custer he does intend to go out on his own after this last fight on his contract.

On whether or not the time his come to split with Mayweather Promotions

“It don’t necessarily have to be leave Mayweather Promotions, it’s about just becoming that man, handle your own responsibility, your own priorities. So I feel as though it’s my career so I feel as though I need to be the one to control my career. And it’s time. Everybody don’t need to have them training wheels on ‘em forever, it’s time to ride their own bike without training wheels.

On if that means this will be his last fight with Mayweather Promotions

“Yes, sir.”

On his response to Mayweather’s public comments about always being a supporter of Tank

“I feel as though the feelings is mutual. It’s nothing that I have bad blood with Mayweather Promotions. I’m definitely appreciative of what they’ve done for me over the years and there’s no love lost. It’s just time for me to grow up and be my own man.”

On criticism that Mayweather Promotions have coddled him with their matchmaking

“I don’t think so, ‘cause it’s like who’s fighting each other? It ain’t like I’m the only one not fighting nobody. Ya’ll not fighting nobody either...It’s always me, though. They don’t complain about nobody else, it’s just me.”

On Devin Haney saying there’s no point of him leaving Mayweather if he’s not going to make the big fights elsewhere

“He’s a email champ...He’s fighting because someone mailed him the belt. Did that ever happened in boxing before? And he’s talking crazy. Like, come on. If you win let’s make the fight happen since you want to talk crazy. Let’s do that, I want to fight you if you win, Devin Haney.”

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