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Rolando Romero wants Gervonta Davis rematch: I exposed him, won all six rounds of the fight

Rolando Romero believes he won “all six rounds” against Gervonta Davis, and wants a rematch.

Rolando Romero feels he exposed Gervonta Davis, and wants a rematch
Rolando Romero feels he exposed Gervonta Davis, and wants a rematch
Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

If you were someone hoping for Rolando Romero to be humbled after his TKO loss to Gervonta Davis, tough luck, because “Rolly” is as confident as ever coming off of his first professional defeat.

Romero (14-1, 12 KO) said in his post-fight press conference that he felt he won “all six rounds” of the bout, I suppose including the one he was dropped and stopped in, and that he believes he “exposed” Davis (27-0, 25 KO), and wants to get a rematch.

More quotes from Romero’s presser:

On the shot that stopped the fight

“He caught me with a left hook. I jumped in. I just jumped into a shot.”

On the referee’s decision to stop the fight

“I mean, I’m a warrior, I wanted to continue the fight. So, I mean, if I could continue, I would have continued.”

On whether he felt he was winning

“I won all six rounds. I won every moment of that fight. I exposed him and we need to run that shit back.”

On whether he really wanted to be more tactical than he hyped

“Honestly, yeah. I mean, if I could’ve gotten a first round knockout, I would have done it. But he was expecting a first round knockout, so I wasn’t able to get a first round knockout, so I was tactical throughout the fight.”

On what he wants next

“I want Gervonta Davis again. I was winning that fucking fight and I just got hit with a clean shot. That’s all. That’s that.”

On what he might want otherwise

“No, I want Gervonta Davis again. I exposed his ass and everybody in this room knows it. I got caught with a good shot. That’s all.”

On what would be different in a rematch

“I just won’t jump into a shot like that again. I had him running like a bitch the entire fight. He got a nice shot in and that’s all that happened. He got hurt multiple times and he ran around, he was terrified of me. I doubt he’ll do the rematch again.”

On what worked for him in the fight

“Stiff jab, 2-1 just over and over again. That hurt him multiple times in the fight.”

On whether he knew he was hurting Davis

“He was running around, he got hurt multiple times throughout that entire fight. I’ll be honest with you, that referee helped him a lot. All he would do is hold me and hold me and hold me, and that’s that.”

On his best punch of the fight

“Stiff jab. It was multiple times. Multiple times.”

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