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Bernard Hopkins: Canelo Alvarez will smash Dmitry Bivol

The Hall of Famer gives his breakdown on this weekend’s big fight.

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Hopkins shares thoughts on some of the biggest fights out there for Canelo.

Ahead of this weekend’s light heavyweight title fight between Canelo Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol, Fight Hub TV catches up with the great Bernard Hopkins to get his assessment on that matchup as well as some other potential fights out there for the Mexican superstar. Needless to say, Hopkins doesn’t have much hope for those who would challenge Canelo.

On the Canelo-Bivol matchup

“(Canelo) smashes him. Mashed potatoes all over the place. Another smash event, smashes him...people are really excited — yeah, to see Canelo, whether he stay mentally and physically being on top as he has been. That’s all we really looking for, people that know.”

On Bivol having some physical advantages over Canelo

“If Canelo didn’t have the talent, the attributes that he has, yes (that could be problematic). But that’s not the case, we’re talking fantasy if we’re not talking about’s about what Canelo wants do, not what (Bivol) gonna do.”

On wanting to see Canelo take on Jermall Charlo

“Depending on what weight class, I said it and I won’t back off of it, to me that’s Canelo’s biggest challenge so far, that fight, ‘60-’68. That fight is dangerous for Canelo from my perspective.”

On his thoughts about Canelo potentially facing David Benavidez

“He smashes him!”

On a proposed third fight between Canelo and Golovkin this fall

“I think you can expect Canelo to be better than he was in the second fight. So that doesn’t sound good for GGG. This is not that type of smash, this is one of those things like we seen it twice...what’s gonna be different the third fight? But, okay, another smash. Another smash, but it’s a different type of smash.”

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