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Rolando Romero’s trainer reacts to knockout loss to Gervonta Davis

Coach Bullet believes Rolando Romero was outboxing Gervonta Davis, and will be back strong.

Coach Bullet talks about Romero’s abrupt downfall.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Rolando Romero’s trainer Cromwell Gordon gives his assessment of what took place during Gervonta Davis’ knockout win over the weekend. Gordon says Romero proved his class in the fight, and that he’ll only benefit from the experience and confidence of holding his own for several rounds.

On what he thought of the fight

“It was a great performance. It was a shutout, of course by Rolly. He made a mistake and got a little froggy. He showed the world that he can outbox the champion, and he outboxed him but Tank is the champion for a reason. I told him, he has timing and he has experience. Timing and experience is two very dangerous weapons, and all the other weapons, Rolly has ‘em.

“So it’s like four elements to two elements, and at the end of the day he got caught with a shot, a clean shot, a shot that I teach some of my southpaw fighters. So I tried to explain to Rolly, ‘Control the distance, don’t follow him, don’t follow him.’ If you hear the coaching you’ll see what I’m saying. And it’s just kind of disappointing to walk away from an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance of a lifetime, with one of the most underrated fighters in the history of boxing.

“It’s not over. I’m very proud of Rolly. Congratulations to Tank.”

On if he felt the stoppage was justified

“He could’ve went on, the referee could’ve gave him a couple more, you know, ‘Walk this way, walk this way again.’ He got caught with a clean shot. Honestly, only Rolly will be able to tell you a real answer with that because he knows how he feels. Me as a trainer, as a warrior, I want to continue, but the safety of the fighter is always the job of the referee. So I’m upset about the stoppage but he’s got to do his job.”

On where Rolly goes from here

“Back to the lab and understand that you are one of the best fighters in the world, Rolly, and you don’t just have power. You’re a hell of a fighter.”

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