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Kambosos vs Haney: Top Rank previews undisputed lightweight unification with Real Time (Episode 1)

Watch Top Rank’s fight week preview of Kambosos-Haney.

Kambosos and Haney are set to fight for all the lightweight marbles.

It’s fight week for George Kambosos Jr and Devin Haney! And with the two lightweight titleholders set to collide this weekend in an undisputed title unification bout, Top Rank has released it’s first installment of Real Time, a short series highlighting some of the promotional behind the scenes action between both fighters.

This first episode takes up behind the scenes of the most recent Kambosos-Haney press conference.

“It’s great to be back home,” Kambosos said. “Five years of hard work, everyone knows the story, I had to go through every bit of adversity. I had to earn my belts, earned them the hardest way. Not like this guy, got given a present. I earned mine, I took the best out.”

Haney was asked about what makes him so confident in his chances in this fight, and he kept it pretty straight and to the point.

“There’s nothing that he can do in the ring that’s better than me,” Haney said. “And I will show it on fight night. I take nothing away from him, I think that he’s a good fighter, but I just think I’m on a whole different level.”

Kambosos and Haney would soon after go face to face and exchange some pleasantries before their fight, before continuing on with their final promotional push. Watch the full opening installment in the video link above!

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