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Eddie Hearn admits he can’t deliver for Demetrius Andrade, says they’ve agreed to part ways

The Matchroom promoter says Andrade will continue his career elsewhere after his next upcoming fight.

Hearn talks to Fight Hype about Andrade’s precarious situation.

During this media interview captured by Fight Hype, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn talks about his difficulty in securing a notable fight for Demetrius Andrade and says he’s come to a mutual agreement with Andrade for him to look elsewhere for a promoter as he’s unable to secure him the big fight his talent deserves.

Andrade had been scheduled to face Zach Parker until an injury forced a postponement, but it looks like his time with Matchroom is coming to a close once that business is taken care of.

On Demetrius Andrade’s attempts to land a fight with Canelo

“I think the only time — I wasn’t involved with Canelo Alvarez then, so I don’t know the conversations. I had a brief conversation with Golden Boy about two years ago, maybe more, about Demetrius Andrade fighting Canelo at middleweight and Saul wanted to move up to ‘68. So I think if his chosen weight class was 160 and he was staying there, I believe he would’ve fought Demetrius Andrade.”

On why it’s so hard for Andrade to get marquee fights

“He’s very good, he’s very awkward, and he doesn’t generate the interest that can pay these guys the money they need for the risk involved with fighting Demetrius Andrade. He’s injured now, he’s out of that Parker fight, so I think he has to reschedule that fight, try to become mandatory at 168. If Canelo’s at 168 I think he’ll fight him.

“If he’s not, the belts will become vacant as Canelo moves to 175, he can become a three-division champion. He’s a brilliant, brilliant fighter, Demetrius, but I feel bad for him because I would love to see him get that opportunity to achieve greatness and fight a huge name.

“We’ve agreed that this fight will be his last fight with us because I can’t get him the fight. And if I can’t get him the fight, he’s wasting his time being with me. We’ve worked very well together, he’s made a lot money, we’ve kept him active, but I can’t deliver him the fight that he needs, and if I can’t deliver he should look elsewhere.”

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