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Charlo vs Castano 2, Mayweather in Dubai, more: How to watch, start times, full boxing schedule for May 12-14, 2022

Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano meet again this week, plus Sergey Kovalev returns and more.

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Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano meet again on May 14
Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano meet again on May 14
Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Thursday, May 12

DAZN and Social Media, 4:00 pm ET, Zurdo vs Boesel press conference.

DAZN and YouTube, 8:00 pm ET, Angel Acosta vs Janiel Rivera. Golden Boy Thursdays are back quickly! Figure on one a month, but we’ll see how long they last this time around. Acosta-Rivera isn’t as good a matchup on paper as Diaz-Gesta was, but Acosta always comes to bang, and someone pretty much always gets stopped (21 KOs in his 22 wins, stopped twice in his three losses). BLH will have live coverage.

UFC Fight Pass, 10:00 pm ET, Callum Walsh vs Luis Garcia. This is a “Hollywood Fight Night” card at Quiet Cannon Country Club in Montebello, Calif., and the advertised main event is this six-rounder. It’s mainly novice pros, but some definitely some legitimate prospects on the card, including Tito Mercado, whom John recently interviewed.

Friday, May 13

DAZN, 2:00 pm ET, Daniele Scardina vs Giovanni De Carolis.

YouTube, 4:00 pm ET, Charlo vs Castano 2 weigh-in. It’s a big fight and a big rematch and we’ll be here with the stream and live updates. BLH will have live coverage.

DAZN and Social Media, 4:00 pm ET, Zurdo vs Boesel weigh-in.

Saturday, May 14

FITE PPV, 2:00 pm ET, Floyd Mayweather “vs” Don Moore. This show has been canceled following the passing of the United Arab Emirates’ President.

ESPN+, 3:00 pm ET, Tony Yoka vs Martin Bakole. This is actually a pretty good fight, a decent next step for Yoka and a good chance for Bakole. ESPN+ are listing two different start times, 1 pm ET and 2 pm ET, so I’m putting the 1 pm ET. They’ve changed it on their listings and it’s now 3 pm ET. They are also still listing Yoka’s opponent as Carlos Takam. It is not Carlos Takam. With the Mayweather show off, we’ll now have live coverage of this one. BLH will have live coverage.

DAZN, 8:00 pm ET, Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez vs Dominic Boesel. We’re short-staffed on Saturday so while usually we’d have someone doing this live, we won’t this week. It’s not worth the effort to split up coverage on this (or the next thing listed) when the big fight is so much more meaningful, with so much more interest. We’ll have highlights and stuff for you after it’s over, though.

FITE/PPV, 9:00 pm ET, Sergey Kovalev vs Tervel Pulev, Kubrat Pulev vs Jerry Forrest. If you signed up for the TrillerVerz package because you were an idiot who actually thought Triller were going to put on a monthly show at the Hulu Theater, this is free for you on FITE. If not, it’s PPV, which can also be purchased at as well as FITE. This was originally set to start early at 6 pm ET, because the real thing selling tickets and whatnot to these events is the rap battles, but then they switched it to 9 ET, directly head-to-head with Showtime. I had planned to cover this and then they made that switch and, well, nah. Kovalev hasn’t fought since his 2019 loss to Canelo Alvarez, and is moving up to cruiserweight against the other Pulev, who is just as much 39 years old as Kovalev but without the, you know, career achievements or anything. Also maybe without the mileage but also also without the ... ability. Or the ability Kovalev used to have. I do think it’s an interesting fight. Kubrat vs Forrest is an OK fight for what it is, and there are some offspring of good fighters on the undercard, including Evan Holyfield.

SHO, 9:00 pm ET, Jermell Charlo vs Brian Castano 2. The real fight of the week, obviously, a rematch of a draw as these two try again to crown an undisputed champion at 154 lbs. The undercard features Jaron Ennis vs Custio Clayton in an IBF welterweight eliminator, plus Kevin Gonzalez vs Emanuel Rivera. Charlo-Castano was a really good fight last time and should be again, along with being really significant, a proper 1 vs 2 (or as I figure it since last July, 1A vs 1B). Despite Charlo’s big talk, they were evenly matched before, and both sound determined to not leave it up to the judges again. BLH will have live coverage.

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