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Timothy Bradley picks Devin Haney to be the last man standing at lightweight

The boxing analyst says he’s picking Haney to beat every top lightweight in the world.

Bradley breaks down how he views the division.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During a conversation with Fight Hub TV, Timothy Bradley puts his boxing analyst cap on and explains why he believes Devin Haney is the creme of the crop at 135 pounds and why he likes him to beat all the other top lightweights in the division. Check out some excerpts of waht Bradley had to say about Haney below.

“I’m sorry, but this was a one-sided beatdown in favor of Haney,” Bradley said of the Kambosos fight. “And what turns me on is the sweet science, the sweet science of boxing, the hit and don’t get hit, the combinations, controlling the distance, level change — everything he did was just beautiful. And then you got to put into the pot, he’s over in Australia, his dad just got here, he’s been handling all of this on his own.

“He’s in enemy territory and nothing in his favor, even took short money to have this fight because he believed in himself, and then to pull it off in that fashion?! Come on, man. Devin Haney is a bad boy.

“And I always tell you guys, honestly, this sport is 90% mental, 10% physical. A lot of guys, everybody gets ready for fights — we bite down, we go to sleep early, we lift weights, we do whatever we need to do to get physically ready. But mentally, you know, can you handle that pressure?

“I’m gonna let you guys know right now, I think at the 135-pound limit, I think Haney might be the last one standing. And everybody’s saying ‘What?!’ — I know what ya’ll saying right now. Yeah, Tank, yeah, mhmm. I’m saying Garcia, yeah, you can get that work too. I’m saying Lomachenko, yeah, you can get that work too.

“Everybody keep making excuses for Haney but what ya’ll don’t realize is that boy is sweet tactically. That boy long, he’s strong, he got physical strength, he got good defense to go along with his offense. He’s active up front with his jab, he’s active with his combinations and countering — like there’s a lot to Haney.

“Now you imagine a Devin Haney and Tank fight...he gonna keep him outside with them long ass arms he got, that’s what he gonna do. And he gonna move circles. Now I say Tank got a puncher’s chance, no doubt about it, a puncher’s chance. But I’m not gonna lie, if they fought I would favor Haney, he’s a slickster, man. And the better the competition, the better Haney you see, as you saw against Kambosos.

“I would also take Haney over Lomachenko. I’m not hesitating. I would take Haney over Lomachenko due to the fact, again, Loma is a shorter fighter. Loma’s been off some time, coming from war. I would say a year ago, or six-seven months ago, yeah, but we don’t know how Loma’s gonna come back from war, seeing dead bodies, and fighting for his country and what he went through physically and mentally, taxing on him and he’s an older fighter. Come on, dog, I’m going with Haney, the young gun. Active up front with that jab, boxing ability, sweet right hand, get in and out, make Loma miss, make that small guy swing at air.

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