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Hey, podcast listeners! It’s your time to shine!

Putting out an open call for listener questions for next week’s episode.

Hey, podcast listeners!

As you may have heard on this week’s episode, next Tuesday’s episode will be a Very Special One, with just me, as John will have shredded his voice over the weekend shouting at his fellow competitive adults in bumper cars.

Since we’ve got a combination of me going solo and a pretty short week coming in boxing for the weekend of July 1-3, I’ve decided to run a little theme episode for half of it, in part to eat up more time, in part to give me something to talk about.

So my email is open for listener questions. I am not guaranteeing I will do them all, and please use the subject line “BLH Podcast” so I make sure I miss as few as possible.

If you have a particular name you’d prefer I use (your BLH username or whatever else) instead of your email’s possibly real first name, please include that!

I will, of course, already talk about Saturday’s fights and what will be next for those fighters, and ahead to Briedis-Opetaia and the Queensberry card on July 2, so I’d suggest questions about other boxing stuff.

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