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Canelo Alvarez wants to end Gennadiy Golvokin’s career: “He’s not the nice guy he pretends to be”

Canelo is aiming to settle his rivalry with Gennadiy Golovkin in conclusive fashion.

Canelo is aiming to settle his rivalry with Gennadiy Golovkin in conclusive fashion
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

There was certainly tension in the air during today’s opening press conference for the third meeting between Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin. Our friends at Fight Hub TV were on hand to capture the live presser where Canelo made it clear, in no uncertain terms, how he feels about Golovkin heading into this fight.

On how he feels with this third chance to fight Golovkin

“It’s personal for me. And this is the way I am. I don’t pretend to be another person or say things in media or in other places and come here and pretend, ‘I didn’t say anything, I don’t want to say anything.’ No. It’s personal for me because he talked a lot of things. That’s why it’s personal. And I just can’t wait to be in that ring.”

On believing Golovkin has a lot to say about him to the media but not when they’re face to face

“He’s two different people. He pretends to be a nice guy but he’s not, he’s an asshole. That’s what he is. He pretends to be a nice guy and, ‘Oh, yes, I’m just looking for the fight, I’m happy.’ And then in other places he talks a lot of shit. It is what it is. Just be a man and say what you say.”

On saying he wants to end Golovkin’s career in this fight

“And I will do it. For sure. (A knockout) is the only way I want to finish this fight.”

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