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Usyk vs Joshua 2: Robert Garcia shares early thoughts on improving Anthony Joshua to beat Oleksandr Usyk

Garcia says Joshua holds a lot of advantages over Usyk and needs to leverage them in their rematch.

Garcia talks to Fight Hub TV about Joshua’s impending sequel.

Trainer Robert Garcia spent some time talking to Fight Hub TV about getting the assignment to lead Anthony Joshua into his high stakes rematch with Oleksandr Usyk. Garcia acknowledges that Joshua needs to win this fight badly and is preparing that way, but says he’s preparing Joshua to use all of his advantages to get the job done, no matter what it takes.

On his developing chemistry with Joshua heading into Usyk rematch

“So far it’s been great. Since last December when I was there, and then one more time early in the year, and now I’ve been there for five weeks, everything is going great, man. He knows how important this fight is, he just did a new deal with DAZN and that deal is huge, but he has to win. So he knows the importance. He wants to win, he’s mentally ready, he’s training hard, and we’re gonna go out there and do our job.”

On how he can tailor Joshua’s approach since it’s unlikely he can completely overhaul his style

“He’s way bigger. He’s got a reach advantage, he’s got a height advantage, weight advantage, and he’s got tremendous power. He’s got crazy power. So he pretty much got everything in advantage. The only thing might be his head — he’s got to be a little bit more positive about himself. I think he’s got a lot of advantages. Just go out there and take whatever it takes: height, power, strength, reach. Whatever it takes, I think that’s what he needs to do.”

On his observations of Usyk a couple of months before the rematch

“If you see right now, we still got two months before the fight, Usyk still looks a little bulked up. I don’t know if he did it purposely to be strong and heavier in the fight, or if he’s just been out of shape. He’s been in his country for a few months because of the war and all that, so I don’t know, it depends. If he’s gonna work to get in shape, well then he’s got a lot of work to do. But if he’s built himself to be stronger then we’re gonna have a solid fight, man, ‘cause he’s also very talented.”

On if Joshua has to fight a come forward, aggressive style to beat Usyk

“We’re gonna prepare for that but not necessarily. I think Joshua has a great jab with a solid right hand. So if he uses that jab and throws that right hand with confidence and fast, he can land it and hurt him. There was occasions in the first fight where he did land a few right hands that I know Usyk felt because he started moving around. So whatever it takes in the fight.

“If I have to tell him ‘get on his ass, get close to him’ then I’m gonna do it. But if I see he’s doing really good with his jab, everything off his jab and the one-two, then we’re gonna continue doing it. It’s gonna be round by round, see how it goes.”

On the possibility of Joshua fighting Tyson Fury in the future

“Joshua has to win. He has to beat Usyk in order to get that huge fight and he wants it. But he knows the only way he’s gonna get it is by beating Usyk, so that’s what he’s aiming for, that’s what we need. We can’t get that fight if we don’t beat Usyk, he has to beat Usyk.”

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