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Ryan Garcia: I’m a better fighter under Joe Goossen, I’ll stop Javier Fortuna early and move on to Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia believes he’s much improved under Joe Goossen as his trainer, and is looking to make a statement against Javier Fortuna.

Ryan Garcia believes he’s much improved under Joe Goossen as his trainer
Ryan Garcia believes he’s much improved under Joe Goossen as his trainer
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Ryan Garcia is set to return on July 16, headlining a DAZN card from Los Angeles against Javier Fortuna, a 12-round lightweight main event.

Garcia (22-0, 18 KO) spoke with media today and discussed his prediction for that fight, training under Joe Goossen (including some not very subtle shots at Eddy Reynoso and the Canelo camp), and his plan to face Gervonta Davis later this year.

Here’s what Garcia had to say during today’s virtual roundtable session with media:

“(Trainer) Joe (Goossen)’s consistency and his work ethic never misses a beat. He is always looking to improve or find a way to better your game. He is there all the time. His worth ethic is unmatched.”

“Overall, my skill level improved. This is due to my consistent training after my brief break. My mind is up to speed in terms of timing, reflexes, distance, and control. Overall my game is much better.”

“I think it’s pretty obvious where we are headed once we pass Fortuna. I am going to campaign for the fight against Gervonta Davis. We want to be transparent about the process to prove to the people that we want this fight. I try to find ways to exploit the truth and clear the fog. I have to be transparent, just like I was with the Cruz negotiations.”

“I’ve always been close to my family. We have a lot of traditions, and we keep each other close. We love each other, pray together, and this journey of my boxing career and fame; my family has been there with me every step of the way. It’s very important to be me because I love my family. I love everyone being happy, and I love sharing all my success with everyone I love.”

“I have been taking steps with surrounding myself with people who want the best for me. People that will not contribute stress and pressure on my life. I am focusing on what keeps me happy and what songs keep me happy.”

“[After going the distance with Tagoe] I am able to base my overall game plan a little bit better for a 12-round fight. Conditioning wise I have updated our techniques. I understand at which rounds I feel more tired and when I feel a second wind. There have been little things that I have been able to construct in my mind that evaluate and have solutions for when training. So now I feel even more comfortable in a 12-round fight; and I will be able to show you what I have learned and what I have been working on on July 16.”

“I am a great fighter. I am going to show you the difference between me and Jojo Diaz and Robert Easter Jr. Nothing is guaranteed, but I am 99.999 percent confident I will take Fortuna out early.”

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