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Jake Paul says he’s moving on from Tommy Fury, but will take fight in UK for $15 million

Jake Paul says he’s told his team to find a new opponent for Aug. 6 — but that he will go to the UK to fight Tommy Fury for $15 million.

Jake Paul appears ready to forget about a Tommy Fury fight in August
Jake Paul appears ready to forget about a Tommy Fury fight in August
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Jake Paul is suggesting that he’s “moving on” from his scheduled Aug. 6 fight with Tommy Fury, saying that Fury is “in hiding,” and that he’s instructed his team to find a new opponent.

Fury was denied travel to the United States earlier this week, canceling a press conference in New York that was set up.

On Wednesday, Paul posted a video to social media where he said the following:

“We’ve spoken to Tommy Fury’s lawyers. They are all advising him to just go to the embassy to get his visa. That’s all he has to do. But Tommy is showing no urgency, he hasn’t gone yet. He’s not communicating with us on what he’s doing. Is this another case of ‘Tommy Fumbles’ just being scared to fight me? I think that’s what it is.

“I think the Fury family’s trying to manipulate something here to make me fight in the UK. OK, you want me to fight in the UK? Show me $15 million, because here in America we do more pay-per-view buys, we do more ticket sales, and we do more sponsorship. I’ve shown you the money, we’re ready to go — MSG, August 6.

“Tommy, you’re going to miss out on the biggest payday of your life, because you want me to come to the UK? Like I said, I’ll come there, just show me the money. But y’all can’t do that. Y’all don’t have $15 million. This is embarrassing. Go to the embassy, get your visa, and let’s make this fight happen. Stop ducking me and stop wasting my time.”

It’s good marketing and whatnot for Paul to say this is a simple case of Fury going to the embassy and getting his visa, but as we noted before, this is a case that may be beyond the internet fame of Jake Paul, the help of CBS/Showtime, or whatever the Furys can do, as TMZ have reported that the situation is indeed connected to the international law enforcement sanctions of reputed organized crime leader Daniel Kinahan, co-founder of MTK Global and a past Fury family associate.

But it could, in theory, be true that Fury (8-0, 4 KO) is avoiding Paul (5-0, 4 KO), and whether it is or isn’t, it’s really good social media fodder — no one publicly really knowing the full truth and one guy creating his own for millions of followers.

Paul and Fury were originally meant to fight in December of last year, but Fury withdrew from the fight citing illness and injury. If the fight does indeed fall apart again, we just might never see it.

As for whom Paul could fight instead if he keeps the Aug. 6 date at Madison Square Garden, I’m sure there are some faded, 170 lb MMA fighters between 37 and 42 who would be up to take the payday.

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