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Inoue vs Donaire 2 preview: A special episode of the Prophets of Goom boxing podcast

We’ve got a big fight from Japan between Naoya Inoue and Nonito Donaire tomorrow, so we’re dropping a Very Special Prophets of Goom on you today!

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Naoya Inoue and Nonito Donaire meet again on Tuesday in Japan!
Naoya Inoue and Nonito Donaire meet again on Tuesday in Japan!

It’s NOT Tuesday, so it’s not the usual podcast day, but we’re dropping a special mini-episode on you, and we’ve got just one topic for this one: Tuesday’s rematch between Naoya Inoue and Nonito Donaire.

Truth be told, we should have put this in last week’s episode, but we didn’t think about the timing logistics of when our show usually releases, so instead of trying to get a new, full episode up for you ahead of schedule — with all its laborious editing and the taxing work I, a hero, must put in — we got the idea to give you 20ish minutes just on this fight and why you should tune in early tomorrow morning.

If you missed it, our staff predictions for the fight are already up, the fighters have made weight, we’ve got info on how to watch anywhere you might be (well, a few places you might be), and it’s nearly go time!

There will be a brand new full episode tomorrow morning at the normal time, normal style episode.

Thank you for listening!

If the embeddable player doesn’t show or work for you, we are on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon/Audible, Google, iHeart, Deezer, and several other apps! You can also directly download the MP3 here. There is NSFW language.

Music: “Chamem-Me D” by Rocky Marsiano, “Só Naquela” by Rocky Marsiano.

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