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Oscar De La Hoya urges Floyd Mayweather to make fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia this fall

The Golden Boy promoter has his eyes set on a big fall clash.

De La Hoya tempts Mayweather with the idea of two private jets flying around the world to promote a big lightweight showdown.

During a media interview ahead of Ryan Garcia’s upcoming fight against Javier Fortuna, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya continues to say he’s pushing for a major fight between Garcia and Gervonta Davis, and hopes Floyd Mayweather is willing to buy-in on making the bout.

Whether or not Davis still remains under the Mayweather Promotions banner still seems to be up in the air, but if he is still in fact with Floyd then Oscar says he wants to co-promote the fight into the biggest event ever.

On Mayweather planning to keep Gervonta Davis fighting in-house opponents

“Well, that’s very unfortunate to hear that. But knowing Mayweather, he’s a competitor. Knowing Mayweather, he wants to be involved in major events, major promotions. So what I can tell Mayweather is, ‘Hey, let’s make this fight happen. Imagine Tank Davis, Ryan Garcia, myself, and you taking it across the world, promoting this fight. Two G6s, going and promoting to the press, making 20 stops and making this fight the biggest event in boxing history.’ I think that can be done. So if that’s what the fans want to see let’s make it happen. It’s between Mayweather and myself so Mayweather, let’s make it happen.”

On how he would advise Garcia to fight Fortuna this weekend

“Either you go at him with everything right from the start, or you dissect him and identify his flaws patiently, but always aware. He’s got two options. I think knowing Ryan Garcia he’s going to go for Option 1 and that’s just go for him and knock him out.”

On what a KO win for Garcia would mean for him going forward

“Well for Ryan it means another win for his career and another step closer to a world title. For me (it means) I can do my job easier and beat the drum and get that ‘Tank’ Davis fight that he wants. I think what we have to do is rally behind Ryan and myself and get the public to really force that fight. ‘Tank’ Davis works with Al Haymon and Al Haymon is very notorious in working within his company, within PBC. So I strongly feel that if we continue to pressure we can make that fight for November, because that’s the date that we’re hoping for if Ryan Garcia gets past Fortuna on Saturday.”

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