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Broner vs Figueroa: Adrien Broner admits fault for latest press conference antics, says he’s on good terms with Al Haymon and Showtime

Broner admits his frustration got the best of him.

Adrien Broner will face Omar Figueroa on Aug. 20 in his first fight in over a year.
Adrien Broner will face Omar Figueroa on Aug. 20 in his first fight in over a year.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Not long after Adrien Broner made another spectacle of himself — and not so much in an endearing way — following yesterday’s virtual press conference for his Aug. 20 fight against Omar Figueroa, Broner took to his Instagram account to admit he might’ve acted out.

According to Broner, it was simply a reaction to a building frustration that he did not properly channel, and that he really has no issues with Al Haymon nor Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza.

“Listen man, I was just frustrated with a lot shit that’s going on in my life. Me and Showtime Boxing and Al Haymon have no problem whatsoever,” Broner wrote. “Playas fuck up and stand up men can own up to a mistake. (Showtime) and Al Haymon, we locked in for life. I love ya’ll, see ya some weeks. Let’s go.

“P.S. I meant everything I said, that press conference on a zoom blew me like a woman in the MGM trying to get picked up for $250.”

If Broner truly intends to make another run at a world title as he’s been consistently saying as of late, one would think he needs to focus a little bit more on making sure he puts on a captivating performance than all the extra stuff he seems to surround himself with. In just one month’s time Broner will have an opportunity draw attention to his fighting rather than his antics, and that will be the real telltale sign of his future prospects.

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