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Ryan Garcia badgers Gervonta Davis to fight him: “This man is terrified deep down”

Ryan Garcia has launched a full-on social media assault to get Gervonta Davis in the ring this year.

Ryan Garcia says Gervonta Davis is afraid to fight him
Ryan Garcia says Gervonta Davis is afraid to fight him
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Ryan Garcia has gone into a full-on social media assault as he looks to get a fight with Gervonta Davis done for later this year.

Garcia (23-0, 19 KO) fought last Saturday, scorching Javier Fortuna inside of six rounds. Davis (27-0, 25 KO) last fought on May 28, stopping Rolando Romero in the sixth.

“Okay now, c’mon, Gervonta, come get this ass whooping real quick. It will only hurt a little, you won’t see it and we can hit the club after. Just accept the fight and your fate,” Garcia said on Monday.

Since then, he’s done a lot more Tweets badgering Davis for a response, and says “Tank” is “terrified deep down” of fighting him.

“I feel like I’ma have to go full Ali Vibes when he had to chase down Sonny Liston to make him fight,” he said on Tuesday. “This man is terrified deep down — and I’m talking about you, Gervonta. I know you see my Tweets, saying nothing or something won’t save you from this whooping!”

Garcia also brought up something Davis said back in 2018 as motivation:

Davis hasn’t responded or said anything on social media since Saturday, and as of now, there remain a number of factors that stand as roadblocks, which we got into on this week’s podcast, but a big one, it has to be said, is that Garcia says he won’t fight under 140 lbs anymore.

If Davis very reasonably doesn’t want to fight at 140, a weight he has no real business fighting at and Garcia hadn’t committed to before last Saturday’s fight was over, then Ryan says he’ll target Teofimo Lopez, but Ryan says a lot of things. He said a lot of things about Devin Haney, but then when he got a WBC order to fight Haney, he passed on it, scheduled two fights he pulled out of, and returned over a year later to face Emmanuel Tagoe and Javier Fortuna.

That’s not “hate,” it’s the situation as it stands today, taken from what we’ve seen in the past. Garcia said after the Tagoe fight that he had learned a lesson about calling out fighters and then not being able to deliver those fights, but we’re back on the same cycle as before unless this fight actually happens.

But acknowledging that, yes, like everyone, I hope this fight happens and I think pretty much everyone does. And it absolutely can happen; as much as we talk about roadblocks — and they’re real — there’s a way to get this deal done. There always is. It might not be exactly what both sides want on every single issue, but there is a way to get it done and make everyone a lot of money for a fight fans actively, actually want to see — if both sides are willing to compromise.

Will they? Well, it’s boxing. You never really know until you know. I wouldn’t say the odds are in favor of this going down, but I do believe there’s a legitimate chance, and if Garcia badgering Davis with Tweets helps get it over the line, then Tweet on, young man.

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