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Bernard Hopkins: I’ll be embarrassed if Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia isn’t made by early next year

Bernard Hopkins assures the public if Davis vs Garcia doesn’t come together it won’t be because they didn’t push for it to happen.

Bernard Hopkins says Oscar De La Hoya doing everything possible to make Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Bernard Hopkins tells FightHub TV that talks continue between parties for Ryan Garcia and Gervonta “Tank” Davis to make that fight happen, as he hopes to have something concrete between the fighters before too long.

“(Garcia) is willing and able to fight the fights that he has already been very vocal about, ASAP,” Hopkins said. “Now, how do you get the other fighters to not only say it, but say it every time a camera gets in their face? See, (saying it) four or five months in between, or a month in between, it dies down, they gotta pick it back up.”

“We’ll be in (2023) very soon. What are we talking about? You ask me this question next year, early spring, I’ll be embarrassed if you ask me (about this fight) in another five months without having nothing concrete. Embarrassed because of what? Embarrassed because I’m on the business side now, I’m on the my opinion side also.

“Not embarrassed because of us, because I promise you it won’t be because we didn’t want the fight. It’ll be because the fighter didn’t really want the fight based on it’s his life, it’s his career, let them deal with the business part.

“We ain’t gonna do the blame game here. No side is blaming the other side. But we should not break the rules of how things are supposed to be done if they are done correctly. What is that? Do we negotiate as two big, powerful companies, or do we negotiate through the media and have the third party opinion of the media say who’s right and wrong without getting their feelings involved?

“This is not about feelings, this is about business. This is not even about egos, which can be kind of treading water when you dealing with certain individuals — not necessarily us or them, but it’s time to put (the egos) to the side.

“The fighters must be more vocal than a promoter should ever be because that will overshadow the BS behind the business part. Oscar is still reaching out as much as he can do to bring two entities that’s bringing a super, super fight to the boxing world that will be cemented in that division. It’s up to both sides to sit down with their champions and hash it out.”

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