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Teofimo Lopez confident he would exploit flaws in Devin Haney, Gervonta Davis, and Ryan Garcia

Teofimo Lopez is set to face Pedro Campa this weekend in his first fight back from his sole defeat.

Teofimo Lopez says he’s on the hunt to become undisputed once again and isn’t concerned about some of the top talent moving into his new weight class.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During this video interview with Fight Hype, Teofimo Lopez talks more about the recent discussions of a potential fight against Ryan Garcia, his ambition to become undisputed champion once again, and why he’s not worried about taking on some of the biggest stars around his weight class. Check out some of what Lopez had to say below.

Lopez on fighters like Ryan Garcia calling him out and if he thinks it’s sincere or if they’re just trying to keep their names in the headlines

“I’m someone that’s about going all the way. I’m someone that if you come out there and you’re calling me out, best believe you better keep the same main goal is to become a two-time undisputed world champion so, you know, we did it at 135, now we’re moving up to 140 and just try to collect all the belts there. You know who I really would love to fight is Josh Taylor...if we can’t get any of those guys (with belts at 140) then yeah, we’ll get the likes of Ryan Garcia and stuff like that.”

On how he sees himself match up against fighters like Haney, Garcia, and more once they move up in weight

“Devin has about like five, six flaws. Tank has about like three, four. Ryan has about fuckin’ ten — it’s too many for him, every time he punches he puts his chin up. I mean, bro, I’m gonna dissect all these boys when the time comes.”

On if he expects to have to be the aggressor now that he’s fighting 140 against taller, longer opponents

“The beauty of it is I worked on everything. I work on inside, I work on outside range, I work on southpaw now, I work on orthodox. I’m over here trying to be ambidextrous as much as possible. Working on my craft, bettering it...this is my art...I have more tricks up my sleeve than y’all know.”

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