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Lopez vs Campa: Predictions and preview for Teofimo’s return

Teofimo Lopez returns on Saturday against Pedro Campa. Will he have any issues?

Will Teofimo Lopez return with a big win?
Will Teofimo Lopez return with a big win?
Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Scott Christ (49-27)

At his best, Teofimo Lopez is a force of nature. A wrecking ball. And Pedro Campa ain’t the guy to stand in his way. Plenty of better fighters have gotten smoked. Campa will, too.

Listen, I hate to be so blunt with picks, but the boxing schedule is what it is right now. The other lads will put in more effort. Lopez is going to look sensational, as ordered. Lopez TKO-4

Wil Esco (58-18)

If Teofimo Lopez isn’t able to win this shake-the-rust-off type of fight against Pedro Campa in dominant fashion, well, I’m just not convinced he’s fully recovered (be it mentally or physically) from his loss to George Kambosos. But despite his outrageous conspiracy theories surrounding that loss, I do think Lopez at least appears to be in a better state of mind than he’s previously been. And given that, and the physical tools he possesses, I think Lopez showcases his power against Campa to force a first half stoppage. No disrespect to Campa here, who I think will come to give an honest effort, but there’s an obvious talent disparity that’s hard for me to overlook. Lopez TKO-3.

John Hansen (58-18)

Troy got absolutely wrecked by a clever and tenacious Greek, but it rebuilt and rose to prominence again. So too will Teofimo Lopez. Older, heavier, hopefully wiser.

Lopez is one of a number of gifted young fighters who present themselves as potentially exhausting social company, but undeniably compelling entertainment in the ring. He can, should, and almost certainly will rebound just fine from his brutal Kambososing. With all respect to Pedro Campa, we’re pretty much just trying to successfully underbid each other in a game of “Name That Round” here.

Put me down for the 5th. And best wishes to Teofimo Lopez in what will hopefully be a bright future at a new weight. Just keep him safe from Stelios Papadopoulos for as long as possible. Lopez TKO-5

Patrick L. Stumberg (60-16)

I get that this is supposed to be a get-well fight for Lopez and a chance to see how he feels at 140, but come on. He could use the exact sort of twitchy, frantic bull-rush that he tried against George Kambosos Jr. and still come out on top. He’s much faster, much crisper with his punches, and a much better mover; Campa relies on simply marching forward and banging away, and no amount of size advantage is going to make that work against a fighter of Lopez’s caliber.

At the end of the day, though, I feel like the only argument I need to make is that Campa was hand-picked to rebuild Lopez’s hype train. If Lopez’s head is on even remotely straight, he smashes “Roca” within the first four rounds. Lopez KO-2

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