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Bob Arum not taking Tyson Fury’s retirement claims seriously, says he just likes the spotlight

The Top Rank promoter expects to begin negotiations for an undisputed heavyweight title unification following Usyk vs Joshua 2.

Bob Arum shares his perspective on Tyson Fury’s future.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Tyson Fury continually pump fakes the public with talks of his retirement, Top Rank’s Bob Arum talks to Fight Hub TV about his perspective on Fury’s future plans and why he says you can’t take anything Fury says too seriously.

And as Arum tells it, Fury is an attention whore — and yes, I’m paraphrasing — but the point is Fury’s not to be trusted with his off the cuff remarks as Arum is fully anticipating starting negotiations for an undisputed heavyweight title unification with the winner of the rematch between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua. Here’s some of what Arum had to say.

Bob Arum on whether Derek Chisora was ever in serious consideration to face Fury

“Not really. Tyson is looking — he’s out of the limelight a little bit because Usyk is fighting Joshua and Tyson likes the microphones and the cameras focused on him. So I assume whoever wins the Usyk vs Joshua fight, we’ll start negotiations for a total unification.

“There would be (consideration to fighting Chisora) for example if the winner of that fight is hurt so he can’t fight right away. Yeah, then Fury would look to stay busy and fight Chisora or somebody like that.”

On Fury saying he took on a new trainer

“That’s all bullshit. That’s Tyson Fury. That’s Isaac Lowe who’s a fighter. No, he and SugarHill are as tight as ever. Remember, you got to take everything that Tyson says with a grain of salt. Just the way I remember with Ali, everything boxing wise that he said you had to take with a grain of salt.”

On if Fury’s claims of retirement are just bullshit

“It always was.”

On where Fury would fight next

“Well, right now it doesn’t look like a U.S. fight would be as valuable as fighting somewhere else, whether U.K. or the Middle East. But I’m sure that before he hangs up the gloves Tyson Fury will be back fighting in the U.S.”

On if he expects Usyk vs Joshua 2 to play out like the first fight

“Yeah, I think probably Usyk will be even better, and Joshua not as good.”

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