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Omar Figueroa blasts Adrien Broner for pulling out of fight, says he’s using mental health as an excuse

Figueroa says he takes issue with Broner using his mental health to excuse his undisciplined lifestyle.

Omar Figueroa believes Adrien Broner is masking his lack of discipline by citing mental health issues.
Omar Figueroa believes Adrien Broner is masking his lack of discipline by citing mental health issues.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Yesterday news broke that Adrien Broner would be withdrawing from his scheduled fight with Omar Figueroa this weekend in what was to be a Showtime main event. Broner would cite his mental health issues as the reason for pulling out of the fight on short notice, but his opponent Figueroa isn’t buying it, and took social media to call out the Cincinnati native.

“As we all know, my fight against that mf Broner is off,” Figueroa posted on his Instagram. “Now, I ‘don’t mind’ because this is something we expected so we had plans in motion to mitigate most the aftermath. What REALLY (pisses) me off is that NOW this mf wants to use mental health as a fkn excuse.

“THAT I have ‘a problem’ with because that’s BS! You don’t get to cry mental health now, mf! Not saying you DON’T suffer from mental health issues as WE CALL ALL tell you do, just don’t use it as an excuse NOW after you’ve been undisciplined. and not taking this fight/training camp seriously! If it really is mental health, PLEASE SHOW US THE PROOF THAT YOU WENT AND SOUGHT PROFESSIONAL HELP. You love to post all your shit on social media, why not let us in on your ‘mental health recovery?’

“You don’t get to undermine mine and countless other’s journey and struggles with mental health because of your undisciplined/childish dumb ass!”

Since Broner’s withdrawal Showtime managed to swiftly find Figueroa a replacement opponent, with Serget Lipinets moving up from the undercard to now face Figueroa in the main event.

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