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Nonito Donaire says he’s inspired to continue fighting even after knockout loss to Naoya Inoue

Donaire makes it clear he’s targeting Roman Gonzalez and Juan Franciso Estrada to win another major world title.

Nonito Donaire has his eyes set on winning a major world title in a fifth weight class.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Nonito Donaire just caught up with Fight Hype to discuss his plans to continue his boxing career as the Filipino fighter seeks another major world title opportunity. During this interview Donaire breaks down his upcoming goals before also giving his take on this weekend’s heavyweight title rematch between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua. Check out some of what Donaire had to say below.

Donaire on his reaction to his stoppage loss to Inoue now that he’s had plenty of time to reflect

“I’m always the type of person that’s always thinking ‘how can I get better, what did I do that it happened that way?’ So I was able to kind of figure out — I’m very, very excited for the next one because I got something new to put together.”

On who he wants to fight next

“Right now we’re just building up — we do have a super flyweight opportunity to get the official fifth division (title)...there’s a possibility of (me going to 115), again, to make it official that I am a five division (champion).

“Chocolatito and Estrada, those are the two guys that I really am focused on because I think those are great fights, and fights that happen along with me, with guys that came up with me.”

On wanting to leave boxing on his own terms

“Always. It’s always my terms, it’s always my voice, my choice. At this moment in time I’m still healthy, and I’m great that nothing really happened after that fight. I can talk, I can think, I can do anything, and I’m inspired, I’m focused all over again. So I’m back, man. I just got to go in there and keep showing.”

On who he likes to win Usyk vs Joshua 2

“When the first fight, I called Usyk. The second fight now he’s training with Robert (Garcia), and Robert’s a brother of mine, I always support him and his fighters. And I know his style of training, which is to brought the pressure — to utilize that weight I think is the biggest key for Joshua, and if he can do that where Usyk can’t utilize his speed, his distance, where there is no more power for him and Joshua can bully him that way. I think that’s the biggest component of winning this fight for Joshua.

“Knowing Robert and the way he thinks inside that ring, I would go with Joshua this time because of the fact if Usyk does get underneath and if Joshua utilizes his strength, his power, his body, his mass, it’s a tougher fight for Usyk.”

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