Tyson Fury beats Oleksandr Usyk EASILY!!!

Hopefully I have your attention with this asinine Boxingnews24 style title. I would like to discuss the 'soon to happen' Undisputed Heavyweight Lineal Title!!! fight between two terrific fighters that not many people seem that excited for. My friends think its a mismatch, and the knowledgeable folk on Youtube comment sections mostly think it's a foregone conclusion. I just want to quickly clear up the most parroted misconceptions.

The argument goes Fury is 6'9 300 pounds!... (He is 6'7.5 265 pounds at peak condition)

Usyk is small... (He is exactly the same dimensions as Muhammed Ali Circa 1974 vs Ron Lyle and 20 pounds heavier than a prime Cassius Clay)

Usyk has never fought someone like Fury... (Fury has never fought someone like Usyk)

Fury has that dog in him!... (Usyk has that dog in him)

Fury can't be hurt by Usyk... (Fury has been hurt by Pajkic and Cunningham both the same size as Usyk)

This fight is going to be decided by who has the best game plan on the night, and the stamina and mental fortitude to go through hell. Skill for skill they are both masters at utilizing their own attributes, ring IQ, feints, footwork, hand speed, you name it they have it in spades. Personally I'm far more excited for this fight than the Fury Joshua fight. I just hope it gets the build up it deserves and the only way that happens is if it's sold as what it really is, a 50 50 fight between generational talents.

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