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Andy Ruiz Jr targeting fight with Deontay Wilder once they beat Luis Ortiz, says father

Andy Ruiz Sr talks about his son’s plans to beat Luis Ortiz and then take out Deontay Wilder.

Andy Ruiz Jr will be taking on Luis Ortiz in his next outing with designs on a much bigger fight to follow.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Andy Ruiz Jr gets ready for his next outing against Luis Ortiz, his father Andy Ruiz Sr takes some time to talk to Fight Hub TV about their preparations for the bout and their plans beyond as they already have another big fight in mind. Here Ruiz Sr explains why he thinks his son will beat Ortiz, and then go on to take out Deontay Wilder next.

“We have to do this fight with Luis Ortiz. We have to win this fight,” Ruiz Sr said. “We want Wilder after this fight. After we win this fight with Luis Ortiz we’re looking for Wilder. We win this fight, maybe we can make that fight with Wilder.”

On how he believes his son matches up with Wilder

“I think we will win the fight with Wilder because what Andy has, he has more explosive punches, he can throw more punches than Wilder. I think when Wilder throw punches, he get tired. And I think Andy got more chin than Wilder.”

On how they would be able to deal with Wilder’s right hand

“It was like Anthony Joshua, when he throw Andy down, when he came up Anthony Joshua throw a real hard right hand to Andy he didn’t do nothing. So I think he will handle the right hand of Wilder. The only thing is we have to be moving the head and moving to the other side and he won’t catch us with a right hand.”

On if Ruiz can survive a clean right hand from Wilder

“Of course. He will go down and come up and beat Wilder, because look at what happened with Tyson Fury. He’s a strong guy, he went down, he came up. So what Wilder gonna do when Andy start throwing all those bombs, all those punches, body shots — he’s got to avoid that. How’s he gonna avoid that?”

On how they’ll handle the task at hand with Ortiz

“We’ve been studying Luis Ortiz and we got our plan. We got a plan that we’re gonna avoid the left hand so he better be prepared too.

“He better have a lot of guts to knock Andy down because if he goes down he’s gonna come up and he’s gonna beat the shit out of Luis Ortiz the same way that he beat Anthony Joshua. Andy’s a strong guy, he’s not gonna be fooling around with Andy. (Ortiz) fight with people that they didn’t have no name...just Wilder. Who were the other guys?”

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