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Eubank vs Benn: Chris Eubank Jr says Conor Benn not a dangerous enough opponent to give up his cheat days

Chris Eubank Jr is clearly comfortable with where he’s at as he prepares to face Conor Benn.

Chris Eubank Jr chows down on some KFC as he talks about his upcoming fight with Conor Benn.

Chris Eubank Jr takes some time to chat with iFL TV about his upcoming battle with Conor Benn, wanting to make it plainly clear for everyone to see how much of a good time he’s having in the lead up to this fight. In fact, Eubank is so comfortable with the conditions of this fight that he chows down on some fried chicken during this interview as he dismisses any potential issue about making the catchweight limit.

Eubank on how he’s feeling heading into a fight with Benn

“I’m comfortable. I’m real comfortable...This is a 15-piece (bucket of fried chicken), leg only. And it’s beautiful, man. Conor Benn is a challenge but he’s not dangerous enough for me to give up my cheat day. I’m gonna keep my cheat days one week up until the fight, and today’s my cheat day so I’m gonna enjoy my drumsticks.

“I have had two cheat days this week but I’m extra confident this week so we’ll get away with it.”

“I’m just being me, man. So many people focus on the weight and it’s not an issue. I’m gonna make the weight but I’m not gonna be dead, I’m not gonna have no energy on the night. I’m gonna get in there and have fun.”

On if he’s signaling to Team Benn that he’s not taking them entirely serious

“60%, maybe. That’s all we need to be...I don’t say things that I don’t believe...60% is what I’ll be on the night, and 60% will be enough to crush this man over how many rounds I decide it to go.”

On why he so confident that Benn will be an easy fight for him

“(My previous opponents) were experienced dudes. I just think there’s too much of a hype train behind this kid. Yeah, he’s undefeated. Yeah, he’s been knocking guys out. But the pedigree and the caliber of fighter that people are claiming he is, I don’t see it. On top of that he is coming up in weight, so the combination of both means I’m very relaxed about this fight. I’m very confident, very comfortable. I do underestimate him. He has to show me why I should, he has to prove to me why I should take him as seriously as he wants me to take him.

“I said that to him, actually. We did the head-to-head face off TV show, whatever it’s called, and I said to him, ‘you got to prove to me that I’m wrong.’ He said ‘I don’t have to prove nothing to nobody, especially not you.’ Then I explained to him I am the only person you have to prove it to, nobody else on the planet you have to prove anything to except me. Because if you don’t, it’s your ass.”

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