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Canelo vs GGG 3: Canelo Alvarez still feels he’s the best fighter in the world after loss to Dmitry Bivol

Canelo Alvarez discusses his upcoming rematch with Gennadiy Golovkin and lessons he’s learned from his most recent loss.

Canelo Alvarez says he’ll take his personal hatred for Gennadiy Golvokin into the ring with him but won’t let it take control.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Canelo Alvarez prepares for his upcoming trilogy match with Gennadiy Golovkin in just a few weeks, Canelo holds an open media workout and fields some questions from reporters on how he’s feeling heading into this fight. Canelo doesn’t pretend like his personal disdain for Golovkin isn’t something that’s providing him with extra motivation, but he also says he’ll fight smart to ensure the result he wants.

On being in high stakes fights like this one with Golovkin

“Look, my head is so strong. I’m here for a reason, right? I’m here for a reason and I take that like motivation and I’m ready for (the third) fight.”

On if he takes his personal disdain for Golovkin into the ring

“We keep that in the ring but you need to be smart and do it in a correct way, but you keep that energy with you.”

On how he feels fighting at 168

“I think 168 is my best. I feel my best at 168, I feel I’m in my prime and I feel that weight is perfect for me, my body, for my skills.”

On if he’s targeting the winner between Dmitry Bivol and Gilberto Ramirez next

“No. If Zurdo (wins), I don’t want to fight with Mexicans. I don’t want to fight with Mexicans and I think Zurdo has a lot of chance to win and I want him to win. If he wins we’ll see if I want the rematch with Bivol, I don’t know.”

On wanting to reestablish himself as the best fighter in the sport

“I feel I’m the best. I feel I’m the best because like I say to Eddy, I’m in a position I don’t need to take risks. But I think the best fighters need to take risks because then you show everything, right? I jump a division to take a risk and I’m the best fighter in the world, and I don’t care because I like challenge. And I think the best fighters need to take challenge(s).”

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