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Jack Catterall inks multi-fight deal with Boxxer, still targeting Josh Taylor rematch

Catterall says he’s eager to get back in the hunt for a world title now that he’s being promoted by Ben Shalom.

Jack Catterall believes Boxxer will put him in position to be soon contending for a world title.
Jack Catterall believes Boxxer will put him in position to be soon contending for a world title.
Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Jack Catterall could soon be right back in the mix — at least as far as he sees it — now that he’s just penned a multi-fight contract with Boxxer, led by promoter Ben Shalom. Catterall is coming off what probably should’ve been a career-defining win against former undisputed titleholder Josh Taylor, but tells Sky Sports that he believes he’ll be fighting for world titles again soon enough under this new deal.

“I’m super excited,” Catterall told Sky Sports News on Friday. “I think this next stage of my career now is vital, and I believe with Boxxer and Sky Sports that I will be crowned world champion in the future. I’m looking forward to getting the green light, getting back in training camp and going and challenging for those world titles.”

Looking at specifics, Catterall is still hoping he can manage to land a rematch against Taylor, believing that all the controversy surrounding that fight leaves them with some obvious unfinished business. And if that fight comes to pass, Catterall says he’ll be looking to perform even better to leave no doubt that he’s the better man.

“It’s fire in the belly, and I think after that last fight I proved that I belong at the world level. I’ve had a lot of domestic fights over the years and I want to go on now and capture those world titles, so it’s made me extra motivated to get back in and prove to everybody that I do belong at the top.”

Catterall takes at least a little comfort in the fact that despite not having received the official result he feels deserved, the support he’s received from fans has been overwhelming — so much so that he hopes they’ll continue to support him in his career moving forward. If it were left up to him, Catterall would get the Taylor rematch underway as soon as possible, but if that doesn’t come to pass Catterall believes there will still be plenty of other good options on the table for him.

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