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Vitor Belfort vs Hasim Rahman Jr fight postponed, MF x DAZN card on Oct. 15 set otherwise

MF x DAZN will go on on Oct. 15, but without Belfort vs Rahman.

MF x DAZN will go on on Oct. 15, but without Belfort vs Rahman
MF x DAZN will go on on Oct. 15, but without Belfort vs Rahman
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The planned Oct. 15 fight between MMA legend Vitor Belfort and son of Hasim Rahman, Hasim Rahman Jr, is being postponed to a later date, but the MF x DAZN card from Sheffield’s Utilita Arena is still going on.

The KSI/Sauerland/Wasserman project are promising an update on Belfort vs Rahman “VERY soon,” but we’ll see.

Anyway, here’s what the Oct. 15 show has now:

  • Jay Swingler vs Cherdleys. Swingler is “known for making challenge, comedy, and prank videos,” while Cherdleys is “a professional funny-man” who I can assume wrote his own bio from the press release, which isn’t very funny, but is trying extremely hard to be.
  • Slim vs Ryan Taylor. Slim is apparently “the heavy-hitting dangerman of crossover boxing,” while Ryan Taylor rides bicycles.
  • Tom Zanetti vs Jack Bean. Zanetti is “global name within the vibrant world of Dance music,” not really sure why “Dance” is capitalized other than the British like capitalizing lots of words, and Bean is a “popular social media star and content creator,” which I think is sort of the base level for entry into this world.
  • Swarmz vs Kristen Hanby. Swarmz you saw fighting KSI, and rather horribly at that, on the first MF x DAZN show a couple weeks back. He’s a rapper. Not trying to do a bad joke here: Yes, Kristen is a dude. It’s not an intergender fight. And he is a “well-known creator of comedy content most based around pranking friends, family and everyone around him!” Sounds RIOTOUS, bro! Don’t be around this guy! You might get pranked!
  • Halal Ham vs DTG. Ham is known for “writing, producing, recording and performing parody songs and diss tracks.” DTG “made a name for himself creating video content regarding gaming and football during his late teenage years,” and is also a successful music artist now. I mean, I’ve never heard of him, but I am old and not British.
  • Anthony Taylor vs Ashley Rak-su. Taylor is a “professional MMA fighter/boxer who rose to fame fighting in mixed martial arts.” I am putting this in quotes like all the other claims to fame because Taylor did not “rise to fame” anywhere; he is 7-5 in MMA and had a few Bellator fights, going 2-3 there, and he also boxed Tommy Fury on the first Paul vs Woodley undercard. He’s 2-3 in boxing. Rak-su is a “music artist, writer and producer.” While Taylor is no Great Professional Fighter, he is a professional fighter, which may be bad news for Rak-su.
  • Astrid Wett vs Keeley. Wett is “the social media star and model.” That’s what it says. She’s THE social medial star and model. She’s a Chelsea supporter, which is a strike against her. She has an OnlyFans I may research for professional purposes. Keeley is “known best for her Tiktok antics, posting comedic skits and producing her freestyle dances,” and part of the promotion for her is she doesn’t know how to box at all.
  • AJ Bunker vs Carla Howe. Bunker “first rose to fame as Love Island’s season 7 bombshell who has gained her star credibility attending the hottest red carpet events and keeping us up to date through her social profile and daily features in the hottest magazines & newspapers,” so she may win for most over the top manager-written bio. Howe is — and I’m not editing any of the mistakes left in the press release — a “British playboy model who’s notoriety came to fame from her time living at the playboy mansion, alongside twin sister Melissa Howe, before Hugh Hefner’s passing.” She is also allegedly friends with Snoop Dogg, possibly in the way my friend is friends with Snoop Dogg, in that she met him once.

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