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Bill Haney says Gervonta Davis and his team have everything to say about Devin except ‘let’s fight’

Bill Haney discusses the next phase of Devin’s career with a new deal with Top Rank in place.

Bill Haney questions the legitimacy of Gervonta Davis’ insults towards his son if he’s not willing to fight him.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Bill Haney takes some time to chat with Fight Hype about Devin Haney’s upcoming rematch with George Kambosos and the ongoing social media beef between Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and his son. The elder Haney, who is clearly a man about his business, makes it a point to call out how Tank and Mayweather Promotions have no issue with sending shots their way through social media and otherwise, but somehow never seems to actually call for a fight.

Bill Haney on DHP co-promoting this next stage of Devin’s career with Top Rank

“Well I was hearing somebody saying we wasn’t getting money. Somebody said something about somebody getting five times the money — well I can’t tell, can you?! ‘Cause if (Tank) is getting five times the money, why isn’t he taking care of his coaches five times better than Devin takes care of his people? Hello?! Yeah, they need to stop that money talk for real.

“You see what it is — it’s DHP — in a co-promotional situation with Top Rank and everybody’s acting like they’re confused about it. When we were with Eddie and Eddie made the announcement that we were on our own, that we’re promotional free agents to do whatever, I mean, you didn’t hear nothing. So everybody talking about this Top Rank shit, stay out of our business and make the fight if you’re trying to make the fight. Other than that we’re just gonna keep on pushing and doing what we’re doing. Period.

“We don’t ever say nothing about ol’ boy. It’s the people that say that that’s what they want to see. So out of respect for the people we say ‘okay,’ but it ain’t nothing special to me about him per se. But it is very something special about his fans and the people that pay for the sport and we take that very, very seriously.

“They do everything but say ‘let’s fight.’ I mean, do we need to give any explanations when they’re going back and forth with Ryan Garcia, or you have a fighter like Isaac Cruz that don’t nobody know about become a name off of what he did to you...there’s so many different scenarios that they say, but the one thing that you never hear them say is ‘let’s fight now’ — not ‘tune up,’ not ‘when you get a belt,’ not ‘after you get out the contract.’ No, I said ‘now!’ You don’t hear that.”

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