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Wilder vs Helenius: Deontay Wilder says he’s back, looking deal with Robert Helenius before moving on to bigger fights

Deontay Wilder is scheduled to face Robert Helenius on Oct. 15.

Deontay Wilder says we can expect to see more edge-of-your-seat performances coming from him.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Fight Hub TV was able to catch up with former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder during the Andy Ruiz vs Luis Ortiz fight and he took a couple minutes to chat about his upcoming return to the ring in October as well as what he’s looking to do beyond that. Wilder says ‘he’s back’ now, and will be entering this next phase of his career to bring even more excitement. Check out some of what Wilder had to say below.

Wilder on his interest in facing Andy Ruiz

“I’m on a 10 whoever, whatever, whenever. Deontay Wilder’s back and I don’t duck and dodge no fights. I always want the most exciting fights and if that’s the next exciting fight after I handle business then so be it, let it be. I’m willing and able, they all know that. Everyone in the heavyweight division know what Deontay Wilder brings, I’m willing to die for what I believe in, and that’s what I bring to the table.

“So with that being said, I’m ready to go. They fear me, I don’t fear them, and that’s the difference.”

On what changes we might expect to see from him

“This whole reign, this second reign is all about me being happy and at peace. And that’s what I’m gonna display in the ring — me being off and being happy, at peace, and coming back doing what I love to do. So you can always expect great fights sitting on the edge of your seat when Deontay Wilder get in. We’ll see what happens October 15th, it’s gonna tell a big story. I got Robert Helenius and I’m looking forward to that fight, and then after that fight moving on to even more important things, better things.”

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