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Gary Russell Jr gives live assessment of Gervonta Davis’ performance against Hector Luis Garcia

Gary Russell Jr says Gervonta Davis doesn’t have the nuanced levels to his game to beat him in a fight.

Gary Russell Jr was not impressed with what he saw out of Gervonta Davis.

During last weekend’s main event fight between Gervonta Davis and Hector Luis Garcia, Gary Russell Jr was on hand giving some real time feedback via his Instagram Live stream. Not so surprisingly, Russell Jr had some sharp criticism for Davis’ performance as he sat ringside, despite Davis eventually forcing a stoppage of his opponent.

“From what I’m seeing, (Davis) is slow as a motherfucker, he’s super flat-footed,” Russell Jr said. “Ya’ll better stop talking shit, talking about Tank can do this, that, and the third with me. Man, this shit terrible if ya’ll see what the fuck I’m seeing. He better stay the fuck away from me, man.

“This shit ain’t looking too good. Ya’ll might want to keep ya’ll favorite fighters away from me, man...his foot positioning — I don’t know — his sense of distance, range, balance, and all that shit, he can’t fuck with me, man. He couldn’t do shit with me even with my arm fucked up in my last fight. It’s just sad.

“Shout out to Boots. I honestly didn’t like his performance, I thought he could’ve did much better than he did...His fight was better than Tank’s fight but a lot of these guys got to get back in the gym and get to the basics.

“Constructive criticism. We’re perfectionists at what we do so it’s constructive criticism. This ain’t me talking shit — maybe a little bit about Tank because he can’t fuck with me with the performance that he’s doing right now. I would’ve broke my foot off in him with just the left.

“Tank getting touched with some stupid shit...the lack of defensive discipline, the lack of ring generalship and shit like that, is all shit you need to have when you do fuck with somebody like me...he don’t see there’s levels to this shit, right now he’s just fighting. Intellect over athleticism, remember that, ya’ll.”

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