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Shawn Porter explains why he thinks Regis Prograis beats Teofimo Lopez

The retired champion breaks down what he believes would be a great fight in the junior welterweight division.

Shawn Porter believes Regis Prograis has the edge over Teofimo Lopez in a potential matchup.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Fight Hub TV catches up with Shawn Porter who gives his commentary on a potential fight between Regis Prograis and Teofimo Lopez. Porter reasons that not only does Regis have the ability to exploit holes in Lopez’s armor, he also would give him the edge to beat Lopez is they were to fight now.

“If there is any doubt, that boy Regis is gonna expose it,” Porter said. “Outside of that, (Prograis-Lopez) is a helluva fight. What I need for Teo to do, and I hope this gets back to him, that intimidation factor that he once had is gone. You can’t shake guys up anymore. Now you need real skills, now you need a real game plan, and now you need to be prepared to make adjustments during the course of a fight. Those are things that I haven’t seen from Teo.

“You gotta grow up. You gotta work on your strength, work on your conditioning, and make sure you prepare for whoever you get into the ring with...they need to start game planning and need to start getting that conditioning up to where he can stay focused from round one to the end.

“I honestly do think it’s a tit-for-tat fight. I think it’s a back-and-forth matchup. I think some bombs are thrown. I think some bombs are definitely missed but I think it’s an explosion right there. Both guys are very explosive. I’ve seen Teo be more explosive than Regis but I think that if anything, we just haven’t seen Regis in the ring with anyone to be able to [bring that out of him].

“I’ve said for a long time that Regis is the dark horse at 140. He showed it in his last fight...I’m gonna go with Regis [over Lopez]. I think Regis is just a little more polished, and a little more ready for anything that’s gonna happen in the course of the fight.”

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