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Ivan Redkach claims to be “done with boxing” as fight with Adrien Broner appears to be in jeopardy

After a series of tweets, we have to wonder if a proposed fight between Adrien Broner and Ivan Redkach even happens.

Ivan Redkach points to mean people in boxing who have ruined his dream.
Ivan Redkach points to mean people in boxing who have ruined his dream.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

A proposed BLK prime fight between Adrien Broner and Ivan Redkach could be over before if even begins, as a number of curious tweets by Redkack appear to indicate that he’s no longer going to participate in the bout.

“There are a lot of mean people in boxing who ruin the life of boxers and break their dream,” Redkach wrote alongside a somber photo. “It hurts me, I’m done with boxing. I was loyal to boxing [but] when a boxer has his hands tied he cannot fight.”

Redkach would then continue with another post where he thanks BLK prime to the opportunity provided to him.

“Thank you very much BLK for the opportunity. I was hurt, stole [of] my dream fight of my life. Boxing is my life I came to the boxing gym when I was six thanks to my fans. I let my team down, my family, my fans you were all waiting for this fight it was not my fault it happened! Excuse me,” Redkach posted with a photoshopped image of him dropping Broner.

Finally, Redkach posted another message indicating that both he and Broner still want to fight one another.

“The fight with Adrien Broner should happen against all odds. We both want it! There are people who do not want this. I respect Adrien and BLK for all his merits.”

Now, what in the world Redkach is exactly talking about in these cryptic messages? I have no clue. But Redkach is known to be a rather quirky individual. These message, however, seems to be pretty clear that his fight with Broner is anything but a sure bet to happen, which isn’t completely out of left field.

Not too long ago Regis Prograis openly questioned where Broner and Redkach could possibly meet for a fight with Broner looking to be well above his fighting weight. Maybe, however, an entirely different issue has come up. We’ll just have to keep you posted as the situation develops.

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