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Richard Riakporhe looks towards big British fights on the horizon

Richard Riakporhe says promoter Ben Shalom is developing a roster that will afford him big opportunities moving forward.

Richard Riakporhe is confident this will be his breakout year.
Richard Riakporhe is confident this will be his breakout year.
Photo by James Chance/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Richard Riakporhe prepares to take on Krzysztof Glowacki this weekend in Manchester, he’s clearly feeling extremely confident as he talks to ESPN about the many opportunities that await him going forward. Riakporhe believes he’ll have a breakout year under Boxxer promoter Ben Shalom, whom he says has been curating a nice roster of opponents that will make it easy for some big British fights to be made.

“My promoter Ben Shalom had a plan to get all of the top cruiserweights in the UK under one banner with BOXXER and Sky Sports. Okolie is coming over [to BOXXER] and is having his first fight in March, Chris Billam-Smith is over here and I’m over here so it’s going to be easy to make the fights.”

Riakporhe goes on to indicate that the average boxing fan isn’t aware how much the politics of boxing creates a divisive atmosphere that prevents a lot of fights from being made, but says he’s willing to take on all of the names he just mentioned.

“I want all of them. I have dealt with a bunch of British fighters. I’m more motivated to fight British fighters, when there’s more pride, bragging rights and ego. I have always believed I’m the best.”

Ultimately, Riakporhe says he’s content with where his boxing career is at and that he’s pleased to be keeping active as a fighter, which he believes has only bolstered his recent performances.

Riakporhe would also mention that he has the frame to ultimately move up to heavyweight, but before he can realize any of his grand plans for the future, those dreams could quickly shrivel up should he not take care of the task at hand in Glowacki.

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