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Demetrius Andrade discusses his move to super middleweight during Last Stand Podcast

Demetrius Andrade says he believes he’ll have much bigger opportunities now that he’s aligned with PBC.

Demetrius Andrade says he’ll be bringing his star power to the 168-pound division.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Demetrius Andrade made an appearance on the latest episode of Brian Custer’s Last Stand Podcast, and he fielded questions on everything from his recent move up in weight to his new platform. Check out some excerpts of what Andrade had to say below.

Andrade on why he’s moved up to 168

“Just can’t make 160 anymore. On top of that there’s just nobody at 160 that’s a top fighter that wants to fight while I was down there. So I think 168 is more talent, more characters up there, and I think they’re willing to get in the ring with me.”

On if he believes this move to PBC is coming at just the right time

“Oh yeah, for sure. Definitely. I think this was the best decision to make, and also the decision to move up and the decision to come over here just brings new light, new characters and the division has just got more brighter because of the talent that I bring to the table to fight the other opponents up there. Just another weight class that’s really powerful now.”

On why he didn’t sign with PBC in the past

“I tried. There’s a lot of things I can’t say but I’ve been trying to be with PBC, Showtime, Al (Haymon) and those guys for years now. Al knows. There was a situation where we all got lawsuit letters, ‘We’ll sue you if you talk to Demetrius Andrade.’ This was back in 2012. That’s how long I’ve been trying to do it.

“But life goes on. DAZN gave me a great deal, I didn’t hear anything (from PBC) maybe because the previous thing that happened with us before. So I went with (DAZN), tried to make the bigger fights over there because at that time it was GGG, Canelo, Jaime Munguia, Billy Joe Saunders — a bunch of ‘em.

“So I went that route, now that route’s over. We went through it, we stayed untouched — tall, black, and handsome — and the only thing left to do is go up to 168 and challenge the guys up there.”

On Eddie Hearn openly admitting he wasn’t able to deliver for him because of his style and lack of drawing power

“I just think that’s an excuse that he’s using to make the network seem like they tried, which I don’t think they did. I don’t think they put the pressure on. Anybody that stepped into the ring with me made the most money out of their career, and that will happen today, that will happen tomorrow. Nobody’s getting less money fighting me. The fighters want more money fighting me. Like, they know what comes with fighting Demetrius Andrade: damage.”

On confronting Canelo during a past press conference only to get dismissed for fighting nobodies

“I think it was just ‘come on, bro.’ I’m not here to go tit-for-tat. Canelo was in a great position. Golden Boy and Oscar did a great job of moving him and tying him in with Cotto, Mosley on the tail end. When it came to the decision of me and you fighting with our history at 154, you was my mandatory. You was like ‘oh, I don’t care about the belt.’ Then I get stripped. These are just facts. Then I get stripped, you fight Liam Smith for it.

“You said you wanted to be undisputed at 160 pounds. Who has the belt? Demetrius Andrade. You don’t want to make it happen, you move up to 168 pounds...which I think at that time was the weakest division. 168 pounds was weak, that’s just the truth.”

On what decisions he regrets making in his career, looking back

“I did everything that was gonna benefit me, my family. And today I’m 31-0 with (19 knockouts) and I’m gonna be 32-0, (20 knockouts)...”

On what he thinks about Canelo potentially facing John Ryder next

“More bullshit. A tune-up fight is for like somebody like myself that’s been out for 16 months. You just fought. What do you need a tune-up for?...John Ryder? Like, while they continue to do what they do how you gonna continue to call him the best or pound-for-pound when he’s fighting guys like that?”

On getting praise from Claressa Shields as being perhaps the best fighter at 168

“If you have one of the best, the best, female fighter out there mentioning that I’m one of the best — she knows. She’s seen me in the gym, she’s seen the stuff that I have done in person. The boxing world knows. When it comes to the fans, I the boxing world, when I walk amongst boxers, everybody bow down and let ‘em know ‘yo, that’s Demetrius Andrade’ because they know what I can do.

“And I beat everybody leading up to the Olympics, and in the professional rankings they can pick and choose who to fight and who not to fight. It’s not one guy that I didn’t (put hands on). Shawn Porter, my boy, (caught these hands). Danny Jacob — bow! Keith Thurman - bow! All of them, anybody you can name, felt this leather. Austin Trout (got beat down).”

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