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Artur Beterbiev talks about fight week preparations ahead of Anthony Yarde showdown

Artur Beterbiev puts his light heavyweight titles on the line this weekend in London.

A humble Artur Beterbiev isn’t looking to share his fight strategy for facing Anthony Yarde.

Light heavyweight champion Artur Beterbiev sits down with Gareth Davies on behalf of Top Rank to talk about this weekend’s title fight against Anthony Yarde. Beterbiev is really a man of many words, but gave some of his thoughts on various topics leading into the fight. Check out some excerpts below.

Beterbiev on being in London for fight week

“We have some plans for being here, and everything going (according to) plan.”

On if he becomes hyper-focused during fight week

“When I sign contract, I’m already focused. But when it’s fight week, my focus is more than normal.”

On why he fights for a living

“Usually people work (to) have money, to live, to have good life. With me it’s the same.”

On if he believes he was born to be a fighter

“No. If I choose again, I never be fighter because it’s no good to beat people, to punching people.”

On what he expects facing Anthony Yarde once the first bell rings

“We will live and we will see. I don’t know. I can’t do prediction. We prepared for this fight, me and their team, eight weeks minimum. I think it’s gonna be good fight.

“Of course I have (a plan) but I can’t tell you that plan.”

On where he thinks his devastating power comes from

“I think the secret is in boxing gym. There is many things, maybe, but I don’t know which one is helping me. I think it’s from hard work. You do work, you focus on your work — I think it comes (from) there.”

On how much longer he thinks he’ll continue fighting

“Anthony Yarde, Saturday night. I’m not dreaming about someone to have fight, you know. If we have some fights coming (down the line) we will be thinking and we will take them if it’s a good fight.”

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