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Hank Lundy out, Adrien Broner vs Michael Williams Jr official for February 25th

Michael Williams Jr was stopped in four by John Bauza in 2021

Adrien Broner insists he’s training hard with no distractions Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Jake Donovan first broke the news on Tuesday, but now it’s official. Hank Lundy, who stepped in to fight Adrien Broner on February 25th when Ivan Redkach withdrew due to a promotional dispute, has withdrawn as well after reportedly suffering a cut in training that left him under medical suspension. BLK Prime announced today that Broner will instead face Michael Williams Jr in their pay-per-view main event.

Broner (34-4-1, 24 KO) vs Redkach was a functional matchup of unstable veterans that, at the very least, promised something entertainingly stupid. Broner vs Lundy had its merits, largely thanks to Lundy’s experience. Broner vs Williams (20-1, 13 KO) is an eight-figure punchline. Williams has beaten two (2) opponents with winning records, and the one time he fought an opponent worth his salt, John Bauza dog-walked him with five knockdowns in four rounds.

I know that BoxRec ranks are largely meaningless, but the guy’s ranked 596th at 140. If Broner actually threw punches, it would be criminal matchmaking. As-is, it’s just another thing to mock in the ongoing trainwreck that is Broner’s career.

“I’m excited to get back in the ring and show the world that I’m still one of the best fighters in the sport,” said Broner, who has a new outlook on his boxing career. “Williams Jr. is a tough opponent, but I’m ready for the challenge, and I’m going to put on a show for the fans in Atlanta. It’s the AB show on BLK Prime.”

“I’ve been preparing for a moment like this for a long time, and I’m ready to take on Broner,” stated Williams Jr. “I’m going to take full advantage of this opportunity, and show everyone watching on BLK Prime that they didn’t make mistake by choosing me to challenge Broner. I have nothing to lose and I’m going all out on fight night 150%.”

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