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Bohachuk vs Gallimore full fight video highlights and results: Serhii Bohachuk stops Nathaniel Gallimore in sixth round

Serhii Bohachuk picked up a fourth straight win, stopping Nathaniel Gallimore in six.

Serhii Bohachuk stopped Nathaniel Gallimore in six rounds
Serhii Bohachuk stopped Nathaniel Gallimore in six rounds
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Serhii Bohachuk picked up a fourth straight win tonight in Montebello, Calif., stopping a very tough Nathaniel Gallimore late in round six.

The official time of the stoppage was 2:58 of the sixth round, when referee Ray Corona made the reasonable call to stop what was becoming a one-sided bout.

Gallimore (22-7-1, 17 KO) was giving plenty of reason to believe he was a very live dog early, and fought the first round looking like someone certain he was going to win the fight. He was trading with Bohachuk and arguably landing the better shots, but from there, Bohachuk was able to keep the same tempo, and Gallimore just steadily faded.

There was reason to believe, however, that Gallimore may have been playing a tactical game. Bohachuk (22-1, 22 KO) had only been past the sixth round once, and that fight saw him stopped by Brandon Adams in eight in 2021. The idea to put some body work in and take Bohachuk into the deep waters wasn’t a bad one, in theory.

But Bohachuk has still not been past round six except for that one time, and he just kept plugging away, marking Gallimore up and doing damage. Referee Corona warned Gallimore after round five that he was taking a lot of punishment, and halted it without fully completing another round, because the momentum wasn’t changing at all, and Bohachuk just kept piling up damage.

Bohachuk expressed full respect for the challenge Gallimore could provide going into the fight, and hadn’t changed his tune after it was over.

“This was a good fight for me, this was a tough fight. This was a tough opponent,” he said. “I liked this fight, I needed this fight. I need more tough opponents. I need good fights.”

He added, “This was good motivation for me, a tough fight. It’s good experience.”

Undercard results and highlights

  • Omar Cande Trinidad KO-2 Jose Luis Ramirez: Ramirez was down early in the first, then early in the second. He had nothing in there. I’m a little less excited about this than the commentary acted. Ramirez (28-9, 16 KO) is, indeed, a veteran fighter who has faced some good and great opponents in his career. And he also hadn’t fought since 2018. They didn’t mention that much. He fought Lomachenko, sure — in 2013. It is 2023. He fought Abner Marez and Oscar Valdez, yes — in 2014 and 2015. It is 2023. Look, I’m not trying to hate, but I don’t think Trinidad (11-0-1, 9 KO) actually proved all that much here, and I’m not his manager so I don’t have to hype it up. He absolutely looks like he has some promise, he’s got a serious game face, he came in here and did the job in front of him. But the reality is Ramirez is a 35-year-old guy who hadn’t fought in nearly five full years. Now, on the brighter side, they did set up Trinidad to face Adan Ochoa (12-2, 5 KO) on April 1 at this same venue. They did it in BKFC/WWE style, which is dorky, but whatever, if it sells a couple tickets, great. Ochoa can scrap, that’s a good next step for Trinidad.
  • Umar Dzambekov TKO-4 Anthony Flemming: Flemming (2-1, 1 KO) tried to feel this out, but it never came to him, as Austria’s Dzambekov (3-0, 2 KO) was just way too much. Dzambekov scored a knockdown early in the fourth, and finished it not long after. By the end of the third, Indiana’s Flemming was looking pretty beaten. This was Dzambeko’s first fight since Sept. 2021, so he might want to, like, fight more. He’s 25 and has some skills, was a pretty good amateur for Austria.
  • Daniel Barrera TKO-1 Victor Hernandez: Barrera is now 2-0-1 (2 KO) with this 80-second stoppage win, dropping the debuting Hernandez early and then finishing the fight with both still on their feet not long after. Barrera’s a 21-year-old junior bantamweight prospect who fought to a draw in his prior bout, back in November. He looked hungry to shine here, and he did.
  • David Romero UD-5 Michael De La Cruz: Yes, it was a five-rounder. They talked about it and basically neither fighter would own up to their side asking for five, but they’d gone to a four-round draw last year, so the odd-numbered rounds made a repeat less likely. I thought De La Cruz (1-2-2, 0 KO) did enough here, but the judges had it 49-46, 49-45 (that was the score read, I get the feeling it was misread or not tallied right on the paper), and 50-45. I do not agree with the scores, even if I think Romero (3-0-1, 1 KO) winning isn’t that bad a decision. I want to say that De La Cruz is clearly better than his record — fighters no better and some worse get managed and protected to 10-0, 15-0 all the time.
  • Gloria Munguilla UD-4 JoAnna Espinoza: Fun four-rounder, a rematch of a majority decision win for Munguilla in November, which was the pro debut for both. Munguilla more dominant this time, scored a first round knockdown and got the cards 39-36, 40-35, and 40-35. I had it 39-36, giving the very game Espinoza the fourth round.

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