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Tony Harrison breaks down fight with Tim Tszyu, only wants Jermell Charlo trilogy after

Tony Harrison shares his thoughts on working his way back to another world title opportunity, and a chance to avenge a loss.

Tony Harrison says he doesn’t see any special qualities in Tim Tszyu as he looks to get a third fight with Jermell Charlo.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Tony Harrison made an appearance on Brian Custer’s The Last Stand Podcast today, and discussed his upcoming fight against Tim Tsyzu after Jermell Charlo was forced to withdraw. Harrison says when he’s focused and on his game there’s very few fighters that can beat him, and once he deals with Tsyzu he’ll be targeting a third fight against Jermell Charlo before he can call it a career. Check out some excerpts of what Harrison had to say below.

On stepping in to fight Tim Tszyu

“I was just an advocate on Twitter when I seen Charlo hurt hand and I said I’ll step in. I didn’t hear nothing else from there for about a month when I said I’d step in...For me, I feel like I lost something that belongs to me, and my whole road to get what I just lost back.

“For me to get the fight with Tim Tszyu, I’m like damn, he already number one, he already next up, if I skip the line and just go and fight a guy like that — it just made perfect sense for me.”

On how he matches up against Tsyzu as a pressure fighter

“To be honest Tim is a very tough fighter but he’s just so basic to me. He’s somebody I see around the block, he’s like somebody at the park when I’m fighting somebody at the park. It’s nothing special about him. His defense is not stellar, his offense ain’t stellar. He’s just a very tough competitor. And for me, my last fight was just preparation for the same kind of guy I’m facing...I just think with my length, my IQ, my skill, I think it’s me vs Sergio Garcia again.

“Everybody ain’t blessed with power, and besides the power there’s nothing else that I don’t have. I just feel like I’m gonna out-will him, out-skill him, I’m gonna have fun in there. I don’t really see too many ways he can beat me, to be honest.”

On his upcoming plans

“They got me going against one of the top guys, one of the best people in the world. I’m like ‘what better way to show I’m the best fighter in the world.’ And then, not only that, I get the only guy I’ve been chasing when I win this fight. I only want one guy, and I’m done. I only want one guy and I’m out of it, I’m going into the rafters after that.

“I want one guy that got what I thought I gave to him. I feel like I gave it to him. I feel like I got too many sides of my fight. A lot of times people seen me box but nobody ever seen me walk forward until I fought Jermell the second time, then he got on his bicycle. So I just think when my mind’s in it and I’m focused, you can bet the house on me.”

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